Stick Man
Stick Man
Real Name Stick Man
Height 5'11"
Weight Unknown
Resides Earth & Stick World
Origin Stick World
First Appearance Grey Man
Species Stick Figure
Allies Grey Man
Enemies Any of Grey Man
Weapons Fists


Fighting Styles Classic Stick Style
Alignment Good

Stick Man is a stck figure and cousin of Grey Man. He has been known to be on the good side and the bad side.


Grey ManEdit

In the game Grey Man, he makes an appearence as a boss then a playable character. Stick Man has been a help for Grey Man fighting aliens, tornadoes, and the evil 9000.

Stick ManEdit

This game was a game that only stared Stick Man. Stick Man had to get to Grey Man and tell him about the danger. Stick Man had fought through Mechas and aliens on the way.


  • Has a unique fighting style similar to Solid Snake.
  • Uses his Katana to slice up many opponents.

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