Stick Man
Debut Grey Man (???)
Availability Unlockable
Speed B

Grey Man

Stick Man is a character of the Grey Man series that always doing bad deeds, but also on some ocassions, works with Grey Man.



Stick Man defeats the monster Hydro and slices all of his heads off and then walks off without saying anything.

Stick Man looks up at the rising sun and says, "One day I'll find you."


Another stick person of a planet filled with sticks. His duty is to kill all invaders of that wrld while Grey Man tries to spar their life. Stick Man has a screwed up past life and is still looking for him.

Battle Quotes

  • "I'll fight you, and destroy you
  • "Come on and fight me!"
  • "Your gonna be terminateid
  • "You must be evil! or something."
  • "Tell me where he is! or die!!!!!!!!!!!!
When facing certain characters
  • (when facing Grey Man) "You're done for."
  • (when winning against Grey Man) "Now to kill everyone on that planet."


  • Three neutral slashes.
  • A punch, punch kick combo.
  • Uppercut with the sword.
  • Two twist kick combo.
(Many more, but not to be displayed).
Special Attacks
  • Sword Throw: Throws his sword into the opponent's chest and then takes it out.
  • Flurry Kick: Gives tons of kicks to the opponent.
  • (More coming soon)
Hyper Combo (Finishers)
  • Neck Breaker: Slade slices his opponent with his sword causing them to fall to their knees. He then grabs their head and snaps their neck.
  • Coming soon