Harry Potter. Lily survived and raises Harry for a childhood he deserves. Harry goes to Hogwarts, and he and his friends must save the Philiosopher's stone.

Chapter One

Lily Rose Potter screamed as she relised Voldermort was in the room with her and Harry. "Please, not Harry, get me instead", she begged.

"Stand aside, you foolish girl", Voldermort snapped. "Please, not Harry. Not Harry, please", Lily begged once more. "Crucio", he said and Lily screamed in pain.

She collasped, and felt all her insides snapping. "Please", she whispered before she blacked out. Voldermort raised his wand to Harry.

"You will meet the end of your father, young boy", he whispered. "Avada Kedarva", the killing curse hit Harry on the head, but bounced back and hit Voldermort.

A green light exploded through the house, causing bits of the area to go on fire. Voldermort vanished, never to be seen again.

Lily awoke a day later. Her head hurt, and she looked around. "Where am i", she whispered. She soon relised she was in a coffin.

"Oh no", she whispered, and started to scream and bang. She saw the coffin door open, and looked at the concerned faces,

Her parents were there, order of the phoneix were there, Remus was there, her teachers was there. "Where's James, Harry", Lily screamed.

"Mu god, she is still alive", McGonagall whispered. "Yes, i am alive. Now will i repeat myself, where's Harry", she asked.

"Harry is at the Dursleys. James, however, was killed by Voldermort", Dumbledore spoke. "Excuse me. My sister hates magic, and because Harry is magical", Lily got up and then bursted into tears.

"James", she sobbed. Molly Victoria Weasley walked up to her, and gave her a hug. "Come on, dear. I will accompany you to the Dursleys", she whispered.

Molly and Lily apparated, and walked to Private drive. Lily saw baby Harry in the cot, sleaping. Just then, the door opened, and Petunia let out a scream when she saw Harry.

"What a charming welcome", Lily said sacarsticly. "You, get out of my street, now", Petunia yelled. Molly put an silencing charm on her.

"Molly, where is Siruis", Lily whispered. "He killed Peter Pettigrew after he betrayed you", Molly explained. "What, no he didn't. Pettigrew was the secret keeper", Lily whispered. Molly gave a gasp. "So this means, if i died, an innocent man was sent to Azkaban".

"No, i told you he killed Peter and those muggles", Molly explained. "Molly, you don't understand. Peter, James and Siruis were unregistered Animagus", Lily said.

"WHAT", Molly screamed. "Yes, i need to tell the Ministry", Lily said, and Molly had no choice but to follow on.

Lily turned around. "Molly, haven't you got an son that's Harrys age", Lily asked. "Yeah", Molly said. Lily gave Harry to Molly. "Is it okay if you babysit Harry".

"Of course, dear", Molly smiled as she cooed at Harry. Lily apparated outside the Ministry, giving Fudge a peice of her mind.

Chapter Two

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