Street Boys is a 2011 American World War II Boyhood Action Drama film written by Kurt Wimmer & James Ellroy and directed by James Mangold.

It features a great child ensemble cast of Owen Best, Brennan Bailey, Dalton Gray and a prime adult cast comprising of Robert Redford, Michael Sheen, Darren Aronosky, Tony Curran, Andy Milder, Gina Torres, Ashley Jensen, Sevy Di Cione, Noah Taylor, Jonathen Schaech, Amy Ryan and Toby Stephens.

It features a prominent narrative performance from dame actress Judi Dench whom is recounting the story taking place and a man whom shares an acquinatance connection with one of the central characters whom is portrayed by none other then famous Hollywood star Kevin Costner.

The film is based off the 2002 novel by Lorenzo Carcaterra.

The film uses the author as a character and is the second do so since Barry Levinson's film adaption of Carcaterra's novella Sleepers.


Three GI's are dispatched during the World War II Period and suffer via a large unexpected attack a seperation.

The leader of the three GI's Corporal Steve Connors find himself rescued by a group of over two hundred orphans hiding out in the almost completely destroyed wasteland city of Naples, Italy.

The orphans inform the bespectled man that his two friends have been captured by a ruthless German Panzer Division Leader named Colonel Von Klaus.

A big rescue intiates and the ultimate battle to reclaim a nation executed by the acts of a single soldier man and a large quadrant of mere children.


  • Kevin Costner as Lorenzo Carcaterra
  • Robert Redford as Corporal Steve Connors

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