Street Kombat is a game taking place in an alternate reality where Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter merged.


A man named Ryu looks for his rival, Akuma, and comes to a huge, gaping black hole. He suddenly gets attacked by soomeone he does not recognize.... as he realizes he is in a different world.... a place called Outworld. He is battling Liu-Kang, someone much like him, who mistakes him for one of Shang-Tsung's minions. The two get sucked into the portal, and collide half of theyre spirits together, making a new reality where Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat are one and the same... a world called.... Street Kombat!


Street Fighter: Mortal Kombat: Street Kombat:
Ryu Liu Kang Ryu Kang
Chun-Li Kitana Chitana-Li
Ken Masters Johnny Cage Kenny Cage
Guile Jax Briggs Gax Briggs
Akuma Shang Tsung Shanguma Tsung
Dhalsim Scorpion Dhalsion
Balrog Kano Kanrog
Sagat Goro Sagaro
Guy Sektor Guktor
Cody Tremor Trody
Vega Baraka Barega
Blanka Moloch Molanka

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