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Summer Love is 2012 Comedy starring with ensemble known cast. Directed by Shawn Levy and Music by John Powell. Distributed by Warner Bros., Village Roadshow and Dreamworks.


  • Jesse Eisenberg as Austin Day
  • Anne Hathaway as Rebecca Newman
  • Elijah Wood as Bryan Allen
  • Jessica Biel as Crystal Blake
  • Aziz Ansari as Jared Krumwiede
  • Scarlett Johansson as Karen Lockhart
  • Brad Pitt as Rodney Day
  • Nicole Kidman as Dawn Smith
  • Sean Penn as Frank Hoffman
  • Julia Roberts as Sandra Day
  • Michael Douglas as Marvin Gould
  • Cate Blanchett as Kim Lake
  • John Malkovich as Harry Simmons
  • Katie Holmes as Jill Embrays
  • Freddie Highmore as Hunter Holmes
  • Emma Watson as Sierra Zimmer
  • Shia Labeouf as Adam Cheever
  • Emma Roberts as Alexis Wilson
  • Matt Damon as Kenneth Johnson
  • Kate Bosworth as Lisa Weaver
  • Robert Downey,jr. as Alan Parker
  • Keira Knightley as Erika Strong
  • Johnny Depp as Raymond Mears
  • Emma Stone as Shannon Nathanson
  • Russell Brand as Gregory Schmidt
  • Natalie Portman as Hannah Allen
  • Jack Black as Barry Philips
  • Anna Kendricks as Susan Kenton
  • Vince Vaughn as Travis Bravos
  • Emily Blunt as Leah Sullivan
  • Tobey Maguire as Barry "Bucky" Danson the smooth-talker and advisor of men


Austin Day is a Successful Author who is shy to Woman and He meets and falls in love with Photographer, Rebecca Newman.

Bryan Allen is a Divorced Pilot Who his wife Divorce him and he meets a 4th grade Teacher, Crystal Blake.

Jared Krumwiede is a Stand-up Comedian who is never in love before until he meets a nurse, Karen Lockhart

Austin's Father, Rodney Day is a Museum Curator who is Divorced from his wife and he meets a Traveler, Dawn Smith.

Frank Hoffman is a Salesman who is never talk to woman before until he meets Austin's Mother and Accountant, Sandra Day.

Marvin Gould is a Womanizer who always cheated on woman for another woman until he meets a Tour Guide, Kim Lake.

Harry Simmons is a TV Show Producer who is always reject by woman until he meets a Writer, Jill Embrays

Hunter Holmes is a Singer who is worry about woman don't love him until he meets a News Reporter, Sierra Zimmer.

Adam Cheever is a Internet Billionaire who is broken heart because woman want his money until he meets an Artist, Alexis Wilson.

Kenneth Johnson is a Widow Doctor who he lost his wife in car accident and he meets a Gym Trainer, Lisa Weaver.

Alan Parker is a Movie Actor who have problem with woman until he meets a Movie Actress, Erika Strong.

Raymond Mears is an Architect who is distrusted to woman until he meets a Fashion Designer, Shannon Nathanson.

Gregory Schmidt is a Film Composer who is Distrub by woman until he meets Bryan's Ex-wife and Zookeeper, Hannah Allen.

Barry Philips is a Basketball Coach who is scared of woman disgust him due for his fat until he meets Airplane Attendant, Susan Kenton.

Travis Bravos is a Film Director who always ignore woman until he meets a Model, Leah Sullivan

Summer Love is a story about men who never meet woman until they get a second chance when they meet a girl of their dreams and will do anything to win of woman's heart by getting help by a smooth-talker

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