Sunday is an story that features the friends characters.When thinking about Chandler,Rachel go's back to the bar,Changeing the story.When thinking of chandler during her wedding,She decides to get married,What would the future hold for all the friends.


Rachel looked at her friends going into the bar,The Lobsters.She looked down,Reliseing she would never get over that man.Chandler.How did she know that name.Then she knew how she knew him.The thanksgiving,The toe incindent.Rachel walked to the bar and relised it was closed,But Chandler was playing pool.He must be the owner of the bar.Rachel knocked on the door,And slowly walked in.Chandler turned around and saw her."You came back",He said happily.

"Shut up",She said and she leaned into him and kissed him.Chandler felt surprised,And returned the kiss back.The two started kissing and they fell into the pool table."Wait",Chandler said and he ran up to the counter."Where are you going",Rachel asked."My apartment.With you",And he kissed her on the head and the two ran to Chandler's apartment.Then,She thought about Barry.She would hurt Barry,But she knew he was cheating on her.She suspected her friend Mindy,But that can't be her because she is loyal.Chandler opened the door and the two started kissing.

Just then,Joey came in with an girl.Chandler and Rachel were in the bedroom and Chandler whispered Rachel to hide.Chandler looked under the door and relised that Joey was snogging,Monica Geller.

"It's Monica",Mouthed Chandler.He knew that Monica had an crush on him.But now,It was more than just an crush now."Hide",He yet again mouthed again.Rachel hid in the closet and then Chandler heard Joey shouting his name"Chandler",He shouted.Chandler crawled under the bed and saw Joey and Monica coming in the room."Go in your own room",He thought.Joey and Monica started kissing and snogging.

Rachel saw the whole thing.One half,She was horrified.The other half,She was happy for Monica.About an hour later,Monica walked out of the room and said goodbye.Joey then walked out after a few seconds later.

Rachel walked out of the wardrope."Chandler,I'm going home.This was not meant to be",And with that,Rachel left.She had good luck.She never cheated on her Barry.She could never do that.She thought that she and Barry were meant to be because of the luck.Just then,She saw a blonde girl coming up with an big grin on her face.Rachel ignored it and left the building.She would never want to face it again.

One Sunday IEdit

Rachel looked at the mirror,Knowing that in half an hour,She was going to be Rachel Karen Farber.She then looked at her engagement presents and looked at the gravy boat.Just then,Her world shattered in half.She was only marrying Barry,Because of the boat.Rachel looked at the window,And decided not to run away.Rachel heard the bells ringing.her time was up.She was going to be Farber.If she liked it or not.

"I just want to get married again",Cried out Ross sadly.Chandler was not thinking about Ross or the others.It was Rachel's wedding day.She was going to be Farber.Not Bing.He wished he and Rachel had got it on.Things would be different.He would be happy.

Just then,The door to Central Perk opened and Janice Litman walked in."Where is my Bingaling",She cried out in her annoying voice.She and Chandler had met the next day after things nearly happened with Rachel.But he was happy now with Janice.But he would think about Rachel now and there."Right here",Chandler kisssed Janice in the head.Just then,An blonde woman in her soaked wedding dress came in.

"Ross,Is that not Phoebe",Monica and Joey asked at the same time."Oh my god",Ross looked at Phoebe.He and Phoebe had sex,In the bar.They kept it an secret,But Monica managed to find out."Ross,Monica,Joey and Chandler",Phoebe pointed at them.She was getting married to David,An man that never went to Russia for her."I don't love David.I love you",She pointed at Ross and she kissed him in the lips."I love you too",Ross kissed Phoebe and Phoebe sat in the chair,Looking at the others.Then Chandler thought of something.Rachel was getting married.Maybe he should ruin the wedding.

Rachel looked at the crowd,Smileing at her.She then looked at Barry.She was going to say "I do",In an matter of seconds.But it never came."I don't",She threw her flowers at Barry and ran out the church,With her sister,Amy,Running after her.

Rachel ran to the cab nearby and ran in front of it.The cab stopped suddenly and Rachel said she was sorry and asked him to go to the bar."It's not an bar now.It's some sort of coffee house",The driver just said and drived her to there.

Rachel was about to run in when she saw something in the window.There was that blonde girl.And Ross,Her old friends brother.Rachel bursted in and everyone looked at her."Is it Bride day",Joey asked Monica.Chandler smiled and walked up to her and kissed her.Janice looked at this and was in disgust.

Two Sunday IIEdit

Janice was mad.She was mad alright.She knocked on Monica's door.Just then,Rachel answered."I'm sorry,Monica is no-",But she was cut off by an slap on the face.Rachel looked up with tears in her eye.

"That's for stealing my bingaling",And with that,Janice left befour bumping into Chandler."Hey i'm-",But he was cut off with Janice pushing him.Befour he could regain his balance,He fell down the stairs and looked at Janice's horror in her face.Janice runs back to the apartment and knocked the door as hard as she could.Rachel answered and saw an crying Janice bursting in.

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