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Died on Ilum in the hands of Darth Grievous

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same as Ironhide

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100% Robot

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Transformers Wars





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Cyber Key power class="infoboxcell" style=";

" | Increases Speed rapidly Arming a huge cannon on the top of his car mode

Stealth Force Mode

Arming a huge cannon on the top of his car mode

Sunstreaker is the complete egotist. He feels he is simply the most beautiful thing on Earth. He is constantly discussing his sleek lines, his aerodynamic styling and he is loudly and continually grateful to the Ark for giving him such a magnificent body. Sunstreaker is faintly contemptuous of the other sports-car Autobots, particularly his fraternal twin Sideswipe, whose design, he says, is spoiled by the rear-mounted engine in his automobile mode. When he is in his robot mode, Sunstreaker is the most dangerous, most ruthless of the group; a calm, competent war machine. His biggest fault is his tendency to stop so that people can admire him when he ought to be tending to business.

Sunstreaker was one of the Autobots that fought Darth Grievous on Ilum. He used many tricks against the Sith Lord but even his best weapons failed to kill Darth Grievous. Sunstreaker later died on Ilum along with his brother Sideswipe in the hands of Darth Grievous when the evil sith lord had impale the Autobot in the head with a lightsaber.


In Autobot mode, Sunstreaker wears a right shoulder-mounted, laser-guided, ground-to-air missile launcher. Each missile is the equivalent of 450 lbs. of TNT and can down a Seeker jet fighter at a maximum distance of 37.5 miles. He also carries an electron-pulse gun capable of emitting at 300 bursts per second a beam of highly energized electrons (the high rate of emission makes it effectively a continuous stream of electrons). A sustained burst of 1.5 seconds will burn a 3 inch hole in a .5 inch-thick plate of titanium-alloy steel. His upper torso construction incorporates a tough polymer-steel skin, making him particularly resistant to artillery fire. He is known for his Jet Judo which is used to take down jets in seconds.

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