Universe: Super Smash Bros.
Debut: Super Smash Bros. Smash Wars
Availability: Unlockable
Playable On: Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, PS3


SuperMario426 is a new playable designer in the game: Super Smash Bros.: Smash Wars. He is a unlockable character, and is in a form of Fire Mario and has many new abilities. He is playable in all versions of the game. And, anyone who challenges supermario456 will be blown in ashes by his flames of power! - supermario426's phrase.

Special MovesEdit

Standard: Burning Fireball

Side: Fire Twirl

Up: Punches Of Flame

Down: Falme Bring

Final Smash #1: Super Flame

Final Smash #2: Dynamite Ultra Flare

Final Smash #3: Extreme Dark supermario426


Taunt#1 = Faces the camera and screams with fire swirling around him.

Taunt#2 = Faces the camera, nods, and crosses his arms.

Taunt#3 = Growls at the other players, turning left, or right.

Character ChoiceEdit

Growls loudly.

Solid Snake's Codec ConversationEdit

Snake: Is... Is that Fire Mario?

Octagon: No, No, Snake that's supermario456! A playable desinger!

Snake: But he just looks like Fire Mario!

Octagon: Yeah, but he has way different super powers compared to Mario's!

Snake: Whats his power level?!

Octagon: It's... It's...

Sanke: Yes, Yes???

Octagon: ITS OVER 9,00000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Snake: Like I never heard that joke before...

Color ChangesEdit






Dark Red

Dark Orange

Dark Blue






Victory, On Screen Appearance, Theme, and Revival PlatformEdit

Wins: Crosses his arms, turns, with the camera showing his back and half of his face, as frire swirls around him.

Loses: Blows up in ashes, and dissapears.

On Screen Appearance: Teleports to the battlefeild, with fire swirling all around him and screams.

Winning Theme: Super Mario RPG: Forest Maze Theme

Credits Theme: Show No Tears

Revival Platform: Fire swirling around him below him.


. His 2nd taunt, bears a great resemblance to a Mario Character: Geno, that is one of his (Geno) poses.

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