SuperSponge: Man of Krabs/Spongeless is the 1st episode of the 1st season of SpongeBob MAD.

Episode Summary

SuperSponge:Man of Krabs: SuperSponge must face the worst villan yet: the Man of Krabs.

Sponge-less: An over-used sponge swallows a bubble and transforms into SpongeBob.


  1. SpongeBob MAD News-The SpongeBob MAD anchor(Mr. Krabs) announces that farts come from books.
  2. Opening Scene
  3. SuperSponge:Man of Krabs (Movie Parody of SuperMan: Man of Steel)
  4. Animated Marginals - (Amimated Marginals Segement)
  5. Plankton puts bomb in Mario's games (Animation by DubstepWizard321)
  6. More Than 91 "Won" (Parody of the 911/Parody of the London 2012 Olympics)
  7. Mario buys Mario Party 10 but scared he looks like Hitler (Parody of Mario)
  8. Flie destroys Planet Sponge (FaceShoot923 Segeement)
  9. Sponge vs Sponge (Sponge vs Sponge Segement)
  10. Sponge-less (Movie Parody

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