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Super Human(超人的です,Lit. "Supa Huma-jin") is the term which denotes a form of power whihc belongs to the humans.It is an astronomical transformation assumed by extraodinarily powerful and adept members of the human race in the Dragon Ball Franchise.As of yet,their is an undetermined total of transformations succeeding the Super Human,but Jordan Shepard has shown a total of three levels of power when utilizing his Super Human transformations.


The ability to become a Super Human has since been veiled by the curtains of history for such an unfathomable period of time that the entirety of its concept has died in the modern world.Thus,has the power to become one,due to the fact it had not been performed since the dawn of earths written history.However,this power resurfaced when Jordan Shepard accomplished the feat during the titanic battle against Goku on the Planet Earth.Despite having never been heard of to begin with,Goku,who was easily the strongest being ever to be conceived,became disheartened in battle when confronted with a transformation to defy all power of his own,as evidenced by the apocalyptic power Generated in jordans person.According to jordan,the Super Human transformation comes in response to the purging of ones evil.In all known cases,this form has been triggered by a massive upheaval of happiness,love,or other positive emotions.The Super Human has been described by Goku himself to be the sheer antithesis,the anti-venom to Super Saiyans.

This may seem perculiar or even not fitting due to the fact that the rival transformation,Super Saiyan comes from a desperate need,not a desire,where the saiyan must experience desperation or indignation.For example,Jordan achieves this form out of love,happiness and comfort when his deceased parents contact him at the crossroads of life and death,and express their pride,joy,and affection for who he is and what he has become,while just before the battle,his love interest confessess her feelings for him.This causes Jordan to come to the conclusion that he "Cant afford to die",bringing about the transformation.

According to Jordan,the power of the Super Human stems from the gods themselves.When the earth was first born,god gave his creation his own power,so as to create and prosper with unrivaled peace and solitude,aswell as protect their planet and eachother with unsurpassable power.However,hate began to manifest in the souls of his creation,and cataclysmic war brokeout between super humans on earth.The battles were so fierce that even the gods themselves felt the aftershocks of their combat,and so god issued a warning; he limited the number of times one could become a super human,once the energy runs out,the super human would be lost forever,and as such,it was.However,when the world came to together,and hate and hate and malice was finally purged from his creation,god would manifest himself within a lone warrior,thus granting the power of super human back to his creation,these terms were met in the massive battle against goku,where everybody on earth had come to terms with themselves and hate had been universally vanquished. ==Overview== fuck yea super human. If I could do that I would try to go sh2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9.......... Super human GOD >:D hahahaaaa hellllll yea!!

Usage and Power

A super human can have incredible and shockingly better abilities than a normal human. for instance,speed,strength,agility,flexibility,mental abilities all increase dramatically. Like lifting 500+ pounds without breaking a sweat or running 25 miles per hour with no exhaustion. BUT since being a superhuman sounds like fun it can damage the body as well. Since the body is definitely not used to all of this power, once you transform back to a normal human your body will almost shut down.