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Super Smash Bros. Extreme!! is a video game for the Nintendo 3DS. This game is a sequal of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and the 1st Super Smash Bros. Game for the 3DS. Like all Smash Bros. Games, they include new characters, like Bowser Jr., Krystal, and characters from Melee, like Mewtwo, and Roy.


Unlike the previous Super Smash Bros. Games, this game includes more 3rd party characters. Also includes some new items, new Assist Trophies, and more Pokeballs.


This game has various controls, like from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Each character has something about them, like Mario can Wall-Jump, and Kirby can float in the air.

Regular Attacks

These attacks are basic. These have to do with kicking or punching. This attack includes a Combo Attack, a Side Attack, an Up Attack, and a Down Attack.

Smash Attacks

These attacks can be used when you swing Circle Pad Up, Down, or Foward. These can sometimes cause a K.O.

Air Attacks

These attacks can be used only in the air. These also have to do with kicking or punching. These attacks can be performed standered, foward backwards, up, or down.

Special Attacks

These attacks are the basic attacks. These can be standered, foward up, down, and when you grab a Smash Ball, you use the standered special to use it.



Sample Fighter Series Description
TomNookBrawl Tom Nook Animal Crossing Tom Nook is a tanooki that owns a shop in a place called Animal Crossing. His shop is called Nook's Cranny, and he sells various tools, like nets.
IsaacBrawl Issac Golden Sun Issac is an adept from the Golden Sun series joins the fray! He commands earth-based Psynergy. He looks a little like his father, Matthew.
Nffp6p Krystal Starfox Krystal is a blue and white vixen with telepathic powers. Krystal hails from Cerinia, a doomed planet which is believed to be destroyed by the evil Andross.
LittleMacBrawl Little Mac Classic Little Mac is a boxer who may be little, but very strong. His trainer is the legendary Doc Louis, a retired boxer but still has a few tricks up his sleeve.


Sample Fighter Series Description
456px-BrawlMario Mario Super Mario Mario is the brave hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. Once a plumber in Brooklyn, Mario is now travelling the Mushroom Planet, with his brother, saving Princess Peach.
250px-Link Link Legend of Zelda Link is the Hero of Hyrule and has had many incarnations. This incarnation of Link is the one from Skyward Sword and as such has many new moves up his sleave.
KirbyBrawl Kirby Kirby Kirby is a pink puff-ball who hails from the planet Popstar. Kirby often goes on adventures to save Dreamland from King Dedede and other villains, his most notable ability is his Copy ability.
3DPikachu Pikachu Pokémon Pikachu is an Electric Mouse Pokémon and the most famous and popular Pokémon there is. Pikachu uses its electrical powers to fight so watch out!
DonkeyKongBrawl Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Donkey Kong is the hero of Donkey Kong Island, and Mario's friendly rival. He first appeared to be Mario's feuding rival, but is now shown to be his ally. He fights his own enemy, named King K. Rool.
Brawlrsamus Samus Metroid Samus Aran is a human enfused with Chozo D.N.A. and also a galactic bounty hunter. She pilots her own gunship and often has to fight massive enemies such as Ridley and Mother Brain. She can also shed her power suit to become the agile Zero Suit Samus.
Foxsmnas Fox Star Fox Fox McCloud is the leader of Team StarFox and a skilled pilot at that, Fox can drive many different vehicles such as the Arwing and Landmaster.
220px-BrawlYoshi Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi is Mario's dinosaur friend, and one of the valiant Yoshi species. He often lets Mario ride him during his quests. He has also saved his island from the clutches of Bowser numerous times.
459px-Pitart Pit Kid Icarus Pit is an angel and Palutena's most skilled and trusted warrior, Pit saved Skyworld from the attack of evil Medusa before and still protects Skyworld to this day.
250px-Peachssbb Peach Super Mario Peach is a princess and the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. She is often kidnapped by Bowser, and is in need of rescue by Mario. Once, the tables had turned, and she had to rescue Mario herself.
Princess Zelda Zelda Legend of Zelda Princess Zelda is the ruler of Hyrule and has like Link had many incarnations. This incarnation of Zelda is the one from Skyward Sword and also has many new moves up her sleave.
BrawlKingDedede King Dedede Kirby King Dedede is the self-proclaimed ruler of Dreamland and Kirby's arch-enemy, King Dedede has many minions such as Waddel Dees and Waddel Doos.
490px-BrawlDiddyKong Diddy Kong Donkey Kong Diddy Kong is DK's nephew and best friend, the two of them often save DK Island from the Kremlin Krew. Diddy also has a girlfriend named Dixie.
BowserBrawl Bowser Super Mario Bowser is an evil Koopa, and Mario's arch enemy. He has his own army called the Koopa Troop, and has used them to invade the Mushroom Kingdom, Yoshi's Island, and many other locations.
WarioClassicBrawl Wario Wario Wario is Mario's rival, and a dirty thief. He made his first appearence taking over Mario's castle, and is now shown to be saving his own from numerous enemies.
Captain Olimar Captain Olimar Pikmin Captain Olimar is a veteran space pilot from the planet of Hocotate, he crash landed on the Pikmin Planet and discovered strange creatures known as Pikmin. Olimar uses the Pikmin to fight for him in battle.
BrawlIceClimbers Ice Climbers Classic Popo & Nana are the Ice Climbers, they are skilled at climbing ice mountains and often race each other to the top of the mountain, dodging enemies such as Mr. Polarbears and Topis on the way and collecting vegetables.


Sample Fighter Series Description
White square with question mark Ness Earthbound/Mother Ness is a boy in Onett He is a hero from this Town too.
White square with question mark Luigi Mario Luigi is a brother of Mario he is a clone of him too like he has so many Power Ups.
White square with question mark Marth Fire Emblem Marth is a prince in the Castle Saige he is a sword like Ike does like it's grey.
White square with question mark Jigglypuff Pokemon Jigglypuff is a Balloon type Pokemon she sing her melody that make's people go to sleep.
White square with question mark Falco Star Fox Falco is a member in the Team of Star Fox he use Fox's move and Wolf's too.
White square with question mark Meta Knight Kirby Meta Knight is the Knight of Dreamland he has a sword called Galaxia or just reguler.
White square with question mark Captain Falcon F-Zero Captain Falcon is a Number 13 Racer from the F-Zero Game his Blue Falcon is his Racing Car
White square with question mark Zoroark Pokemon Zoroark is the Dark Pokemon he is a villain in the Subspace Emmisary.
White square with question mark Midna Legend of Zelda Midna is Link's Girlfreind in Humen Form like Zelda is or get capture by Ganondorf.
White square with question mark Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog is a Fastest Character in the Sega Game called Sonic the Hedgehog the same name of his Game.
White square with question mark Bomberman Bomberman Bomberman is the name of Cheerful White he use Bombs to make People Explode.
White square with question mark Mr. Game & Watch Game and Watch Mr. Game and Watch is the Black Character in the Game is his same name like all of those Games.
White square with question mark Roy Fire Emblem Roy is Marth's Enemie he is the Character in the Fire Emblem Game is all of them.
White square with question mark Rayman Rayman Origins Rayman is the Character in Rayman Origins Series he don't have Arms and Legs and Neck that he is Partless.
White square with question mark Young Link Legend of Zelda Young Link is a Young version of Link he is like Toon Link in Brawl.
White square with question mark Bowser Jr. Mario Bowser Jr. is the Young Version of Bowser he use a Paintbrush to paint evreything and a son of Bowser.
White square with question mark Solid Snake Metal Gear Solid Snake is the Main Protigostist from the Metal Gear series he is an Agent from this series.
White square with question mark Ganondorf Legend of Zelda Ganondorf is the Villain in the Legend of Zelda Series like he is the Character in the Roster.
White square with question mark Retro Mario Mario Retro Mario is the Retro Version of Mario like His Suit but like Mario in 8-bit Form.
White square with question mark Mewtwo Pokemon Mewtwo is the Psychic Pokemon he use the power of Psychic like all of them.

Other Characters

  • Miis are playable characters.



Sample Name Series Description
Arenascreenshot1 Battlefield Super Smash Bros. Battlefield is a simple stage. It consists of a floating platform in the centre of a huge stadium with invisible audience. There are no hazards here. This stage also appears in Story Mode.
MushroomHillsSSBE Peach's Castle Super Mario Peach's Castle is a course outside of the Castle. There are no exact hazards here. This course just has some ? Blocks and Brick Blocks.
TempleTopple Temple Topple Donkey Kong A site of ruins of an ancient temple, deep within a jungle. Combatants fight on top of a small temple and some large, breakable rocks with fountains and a sundown.
Stage08 070725a-l Skyworld Kid Icarus The stage consists of a main floating platform with three smaller platforms above the main platform and one platform below connected to the right side of the main platform by a chain, and can raise and move right, or fall and move left.
Castle Siege Castle Siege Fire Emblem A stage that repesents the Fire Emblem series as a whole, the first phase takes upon the top of an enemy castle, where a battle is going on, after that, it will go into it's second phase, where it takes inside the castle, it is desolated, and you and your opponents are the only ones.
Cosmic observatory Galaxy Tours Super Mario The main hub of Super Mario Galaxy. The battle starts on the Comet Observatory. It travels to Freezeflame Galaxy, and Good Egg Galaxy. You see Rosalina in the background.
Frigate Orpheon Frigate Orpheon Metroid The beginning course of Metroid Prime. The Parasite Queen features, of course, inside the reactor core whilst utilizing the same rotating forcefield used against Samus in the boss fight with it. However, the Queen has no effect on the proceedings of the fight.
Skyloft 2 SS Skyloft Legend of Zelda A town flying above the clouds. The players and opponents appear on the ground of the stage. Soon into the battle, Fi appears and warps you and you're opponents to the top of the Goddess Statue, and the rest of the fight takes place up there.
Dreamland Dream Land Kirby The home of Kirby. It has Whispy Woods in the background, trying to blow you away to the edge. There are alos a few platforms. A few Kirby enemies might appear in the background.
Pokemon Stadium 3 Pokémon Stadium 3 Pokémon Similar in appearance to the two previous Pokemon Stadiums but not the same, this stage transforms into 4 enviroments. These are Bug, Dragon, Dark and Steel.



  • Give most credit to a user on Fantendo, Juley.
  • Battlefield and Halberd are the only stages that appear in Story Mode.
  • Note: There are no stages from the Golden Sun (series).

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