This is where all of the stages are in Super Smash Bros. Extreme!!


  • Series: Super Smash Bros.
  • Size: Medium

Battlefield is a very simple stage, mostly for beginners. It consists of a floating platform in the middle of a huge stadium with an invisible crowd. The level involves two small platforms in the edges and one more platform at the top, slightly higher than the other two. There are no hazards in this level.

Music Played

Bolded ones have to be unlocked.

Final Destination

  • Series: Super Smash Bros.
  • Size: Medium

Final Destination is a perfectly flat stage with no environmental hazards or background dangers. It has no obstructions. It is basically SSBB's Final Destination. It features a medium-sized platform which travels through many galaxies and wormwholes, each one with different planets, background colour and stars. Multiple, colourful, bizzare shapes also appear in the background. The background changes very rapidly.

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