Teaser Trailer

  • Shows the World of Trophies sky and the screen goes to the four fighters:

Veterans: Mario, Link, Kirby, and Pikachu

  • Scene showing Mario, Link, Kirby, and Pikachu fighting each other in the Midair Stadium, as one fighter lands onto the stadium:

Veteran: Meta Knight

  • Scene showing the five fighters spot a new fighter:

Newcomer: Waluigi

  • Scenes show Waluigi hitting a couple smashers with tennis balls, while a couple more dodge. Then one of the tennis balls gets caught by a Brawl veteran:

Veteran: Sonic

  • A scene showing Sonic being accompanied by another new smasher:

Newcomer: Knuckles

  • A scene showing the crowd cherring on, as the eight fighters brawl it out. But then, the brawlers get knocked away by another veteran:

Veteran: Bowser

  • Shows Bowser attacking the eight fighters, but gets interrupted as he and the other fighters see another new fighter landing onto the stadium:

Newcomer: Krystal

  • A scene showing the ten fighters preparing to face each other, and they all launch at one another.
  • Shows the Super Smash Bros. Smash Wars logo.
  • As the screen is faded black, a breathing sound is heard.
  • The scene cuts to a black armored man (a.k.a. another new smasher) watching the stadium fight:

Newcomer: Darth Vader

  • A scene showing Vader Force flighting to the stadium and igniting his lightsaber as the ten smashers look on, and while the crowd gasps.

Darth Vader: "There is no escape."

  • A scene showing Darth Vader launching himself at his opponents.
  • Shows the release date and shows the tagline: "Let the Smash Wars Begin"

SPARTAN-984's Trailer

  • Images flash by of Tabuu's defeat in Brawl*

When Tabuu was defeated, it seemed the World of Trophies was at peace.

  • Scene from SSBB where Mario and Kirby shake hands, and walk off without interruptions*

The Primids and Subspace were no longer a threat. Everyone returned to fighting as a hobby, and more people came.

  • Pictures show new characters entering the World of Trophies*

Even the bad guys *shows images of Palpatine, Darth Vader, etc.* were able to settle down here and renounce their ways.

  • Shows pictures of 984 arriving in an Elephant, with his stuff here*

I decided to leave the UNSC and retire there, as the war was over.

  • Scene where Zorm rises out of the lava*

But then... the demons came.

  • Shows scenes where the demons destroy area in the World*

And then, we realized we were facing a threat greater than the Subspace Emissary, more frightening than the Covenant. These were demons. From hell itself.

  • Shows fighters resisting successfully against demons*

Everything changed. The evil people were corrupted and the good guys like me were forced to aid the World.

  • Shows the demons arriving and pledging alliegance to Palpatine*

And what is a single supersoldier to do?

  • Shows image slices of 984 getting in an ODST Body Suit, loading his SMG, pistol, and loading the final shell into his Shotgun*

Defend this world with his life.

  • Shows a constant scene where 984 opens the door of his house and looks at the burning world. He racks his shotgun as the good guys reach his house*
  • Shows clips of gameplay proclaiming usual features, one of those clips is Starkiller using a finishing move on Master Hand*

Hell be damned, I have had enough of war in my life.

  • shows SSBSW logo, as the announce of RE5 announces "Super Smash Bros: Smash Wars*

And I'm going to finish this demon army for the good of everyone here.

  • Shows the release date, and the tagline is said by 984, "Let The Smash Wars Begin"

Darth Raiden's Trailer

  • A scene showing the beautiful skies of the World of Trophies*

The World of Trophies, a world where fighters fight one another, and also, a world of Master Hand's creation.

  • Shows the plains of the world*

I myself dreamed of what will it be like if I arrived in their world.

  • A scene showing the glacial peak*

And time has come.

  • Shows Mario looking surprised*
  • Pictures showing the sky turning to purple*

I finally have a chance to get to their world after discovering a strange portal that leads to another world.

  • A scene showing a shadow figure appear out of nowhere and landing on top of the ground. The mysterious shadowed person turned out to be Darth Raiden*

Now that I have reached the World of Trophies....

  • Shows Darth Raiden fighting Link in a fair brawl in the Midair Stadium*

I can finally brawl against my favorite smash fighters for fun....

  • A scene showing Darth Raiden watching the sky turn dark*


  • Scenes showing demons coming out of the lava*

....I might have a choice to make:

  • A scene showing Darth Raiden fighting alongside Link and Sonic against the demons*

To help the heroes against the trouble making demons....

  • A scene shows Darth Raiden Force pushing Krystal against a tree*

....or to rule the World of Trophies.

  • Shows over 20 clips of gameplay, one of those clips is Master Chief about to use his 2nd Final Smash at Crazy Hand*

Trust me, after I'm done with this kind of mess, either the heroes, or the demons, will be the ones crying home to their mommies.

  • Shows the Super Smash Bros. Smash Wars logo, as the announce of RE5 announces "Super Smash Bros: Smash Wars*

Custom Trailer

  • Shows ten fighters one by one in each second: Mario, Link, Kirby, Pikachu, Fox, Samus, Pit, Wario, Meta Knight, and Snake.
  • Shows the Smash Wars title, and goes to the Battlefield stage.
  • A scene where Mario fights Link, but are interrupted by Bowser. Mario and Link join forces and charge at him.

Hajimari wo Tsugeru Kane no Koe

Toki ga Kawari

Kinou Uchikeshi Narihibiku yo

  • A scene showing Darth Vader fighting Marth, while Ike is watching and jumps down to face the Sith lord.

Daijoubu Kimi ga koko ni ireba

Hitori janai Sore ga Yuuki Okosaseru

  • A scene showing Sonic overlooking the marching demons.

Fukigenna Sora Mabushii hodo

Terashi Daseru Taiyou ni nareru

  • The scene showing Starkiller, Kratos, and Shadow teaming up to fight the demons nearby Zorm's gate.

Kimi to Wakachiau Kibou to Yorokobi

  • Shows an Eleblis roaring infront of the screen.

Kurosu suru Sono Tabifukamaru Kizuna

  • Shows Mario, Yoshi, Sonic, Luigi, and Shadow jumping down a cliff to face the demons.

Mirai to Genzai Pazuru wo Awasete

  • Shows a scene where Starkiller and Sora charge at each other to start an epic battle, while Kairi watches.

Kokoro Tsunagaru Bokura no Yume

Akashi ni naru

  • Shows the Smash Wars title again and a tagline saying, "Coming Soon".

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