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SuperSmashFlash4 OfficalStation

Offical Station (Josh Is Big Punching To Galvin Druff)

SuperSmashFlash4 StartPlay

Start Play

Super Smash Flash 4 is an upcoming flash game that will be released on February 13 2011 for Wii, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows.

Playable Characters Edit

Podstawowe Postacie Edit

  • Mario SpriteMario
  • Luigi caped spritesLuigi
  • Peach SpriteBrzoskwinia
  • Link SpritePołączenie
  • Kirby SpriteKirby
  • Josh SpritesJosh McCoy
  • GalvinDruff SpritesGalvan Druff
  • Sonic SpriteSonic the Hedgehog
  • Silver spriteSrebrny Hedgehog
  • Ness SpriteNess
  • Snake spriteWąż
  • Black Mage E SpriteCzarny Mag
  • Samus-idle 2Samus

Unlockable Characters Edit

  • (Lucas)
  • Eunice Sprites
  • (Takwain Daisy)
  • Rosalina Sprite

Stages Edit

  • Jail Break
  • Lava Landing
  • Topia For Eranice
  • Transmorgrification Undergrounds
  • Evil Galvanic's Escape
  • Mario World
  • Zelda's Castle

Unlockable Stages Edit

  • Sega World
  • The Volcano Of Stinargrimorcation
  • Spiritly Transmorgrification
  • Altar Of Ruin

Trivia Edit

  • It is a Flash Game and is 4 Players.

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