Super Smash Sis. Melee 2 is a game that has some Geronimo Stitlon series veretan.


Default Racers

All Mackenzie Monarchs baseball team members are default racers and not unlockable.

  • Princess Mackenzie
  • Rosalina
  • Rosalinda
  • Bosalina
  • Dosalina
  • Gosalinda
  • Losalinda
  • Baby Rosalina
  • Baby Rosalinda
  • Baby Gosalinda
  • Baby Losalinda
  • Baby Dosalina
  • Baby Bosalina
  • Giant Rosalina
  • Highest Rosalina
  • Sarnia
  • Toon Mackenzie
  • Baby Mackenzie
  • Young Mackenzie
  • Paper Mackenzie
  • Wolf Mackenzie
  • Dark Mackenzie


All other are unlockable and they are not Princess Mackenzie's team called Mackenzie Monarchs, other teams in baseball.

Special Moves

Mackenzie Monarchs

Princess Mackenzie

  • Standard is Basketball Throw
  • Side is Billboard Throw
  • Up is Aether
  • Down is Counter
  • Final Smash is Big Aether
  • Final Smash 2 is Great Aether
  • Final Smash 3 is Billboard Blossom
  • Final Crash is Billboard Attack

Rosalina, Rosalinda, Losalinda, Gosalinda, Bosalina, Dosalina, Giant Rosalina and Highest Rosalina

  • Standard is Magic Nudge
  • Side is Luma Nudge
  • Up is Wand Levitate
  • Down is Luma Summon
  • Final Smash is Luma Swarm
  • Final Smash 2 is Luma Storm
  • Final Smash 3 is Rosalina Blossom
  • Final Crash is Luma Attack

Baby Rosalina, Rosalinda, Gosalinda, Losalinda, Bosalina and Dosalina

  • Standard is Polari Nudge
  • Side is Polari Summon
  • Up is Polari Levitate
  • Down is Transform
  • Final Smash is Polari Swarm
  • Final Smash 2 is Polari Storm
  • Final Smash 3 is Polari Blossom
  • Final Crash is Polari Attack


  • Standard is Ontario Attack
  • Side is Ontario Bomber
  • Up is Ontario Parasol
  • Down is Ontario Code
  • Final Smash is Ontario Blossom
  • Final Smash 2 is Ontario Repeat
  • Final Smash 3 is Ontario Beat
  • Final Crash is Ontario Twirl

Princess Mackenzie's Power Ups

  • Standard is Up Change
  • Side is Rocketbarrel Tutan
  • Up is Tutankoopa Look
  • Down is Transform
  • Final Smash is Power Up Change
  • Final Smash 2 is Power Up Transformation
  • Final Smash 3 is Power Up Fire
  • Final Crash is Power Up Mount

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