ssb troft is a game at you fight. befor the game is over you win or lose the round.


mario univeres

  • mario
  • oogtar * *luigi * peach
  • bowser

the ledge of zleda univers

  • link

  • zelda
  • tingle
  • ganondrof

metriod univers

  • samus / 0 suited
  • drak samus
  • fusion suit samus

starfy univers

  • starfy
  • starly
  • moe

Gallery [1]Edit

Character Artwork [2]Edit

* mashtooth (only a character and the boss)                                                       sonic univeres
  • sonic /were hog *tails *kunx *amy
  • big *espio
  • sivler
  • metal sonic

klonoa univeres

  • klonoa
  • gruntz
  • king of sorowow fantasmic unveres
  • mickey mouse
  • queen/ old hag
  • usrla
  • carla de vill
  • scar
  • jogde follow
  • jafer
  • hades
  • maleficite
  • chargbog

kingdom hearts univeres

  • sora
  • donal
  • goofy
  • kari
  • riku
  • king mickey mouse
  • queen minne mouse
  • axel

eipc mickey univeres

  • osward the luckey rabbit
  • blot

halo univeres

  • master chief

word girl univeres

  • becky/wordgirl

poke'mon univeres

  • pikachu
  • raichu
  • unknowed poke'mon *jiglly puff


master hand (only in classic and boss battle)

unknow bosses



unknown stage

ssb fannon wiki stage


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