Harry Potter. Lily and James survived, and Harry starts his first year at Hogwarts.


James and Lily Potter were everything but normal. You see, they were wizards and witches.

They were in hiding as an dark lord named Lord Voldermort was going to kill their son, Harry. It had all started when Sybil Trelawney made an prophecy.

It had been stated that their son, Harry, and their friends, Frank and Alice Longbottom's son, Nevile, had been fated to kill Voldermort.

On Halloween Night, Voldermort found the Cottage James and Lily were hiding in, and blasted the door opening, showing an terrified James raising his wand.

"Lily, run", he roared. Lily quickly kissed him and ran upstairs. James faced Voldermort, wand in hand. "So it comes to this", Voldermort whispered, taunting James.

"You see, i will rather kill you when baby Harry is dead", he snorted, and James grew more angry. "Stupefy", Voldermort lazily said, and James never avoided the spell.

James fell down, stunned. Voldermort slowly walked upstairs.

Lily Potter heard her husband fall to the ground. "No", she whispered. She believed he was dead, after all, Voldermort left no survivors.

She put baby Harry in the cot, singing baby songs to Harry. Just the, the door blasted open just as much as the front.

Lily faced her 'husbands killer', and seemed not the least frightened. "Take this", she screamed, throwing curses and hexes at Voldermort.

Voldermort simply avoided them, and stunned her. "That is what you get, you filthy mudblood", he shouted.

Voldermort walked to Harry, and baby Harry giggled. "Avada Kedarva", he shooted the killing curse, but something else happened.

The curse hit Harry on the forehead, and bounced back and hit Voldermort on the head. Voldermort screamed in agony, and an green light flashed throughout the house.

However, there was flames, and Lily and James awoke at the same time. "Lily, Harry", Lily heard James yell. He seemed to be crying, and she was too.

However, she saw Harry, wailing. "Harry", she whispered. She picked up Harry, and went out of the nursey. With an wave of her wand, the fire disapeared.

"Lily", James sobbed. "Harry is alive, James", she whispered. "My god, how did he survive", James asked. Lily sobbed harder. "I don't know".

Harry Potter had an lightening bolt shaped scar on his forehead, and his emrald eyes looked at his mother and father. He was confused why they were crying.

Meanwhile, Frank and Alice Longbottom were resting at Hogwarts with baby Nevile. Both heard footsteps, and looked up.

"Albus, what happened", Alice whispered. "It is what we have feared. James and Lily Potter have been betrayed by Siruis Black".

"What", Alice and Frank shouted in unison, scaring baby Nevile. Alice quickly made Nevile quiet, while Frank looked to be ill.

"But that can't be true. James told me the secret keeper was Peter", Frank whispered. Albus looked shock. "You must be mistaken", Albus quickly said.

"No i am not. What happened to Harry, and James and Lily", Frank asked. "James and Lily are dead, Harry survived", Dumbledore said.

"How could you survive the killing curse, Albus. I think you are up to your old tircks again", Alice would have shouted if Nevile wasn't there.

"I will show you", Dumbledore said, and apparated.

James picked up baby Harry and both parents and son walked out of the house. They heard an Pop, and saw Siruis.

"Merlin, thank god you are alright. Dumbledore said you two have been killed", Siruis panted. "What", James shouted, scaring baby Harry.

"I want that man and Pettigrew dead", Lily whispered in shock.

Dumbledore apparated, and saw James, Lily, Siruis and Harry. "James, Lily. Stay back, Siruis betrayed you", Dumbledore shouted, and he stunned Siruis.

"That is it, Albus. We know who out secret keeper is, Peter. You bastard, i hope you rot in Azkaban after i tell Fudge what happened here", Lily screamed.

Albus looked taken aback. "But you can't, my plan won-", he was cut off when James gave Lily Harry and stormed to the old man, and punched him on the nose.

"Unstun Siruis now. How dare you think we won't make the Dementor's kiss you. After what you have done", James roared, causing Harry to cry.

"I see, i must be off", Dumbledore quickly apparated as James tried to tackle him. Just then, Arours apeared, and they saw James, Lily and an stunned Siruis.

"Good, you have taken care of hi", one of the males was cut off. "Peter Pettigrew is out secret keeper you fucking bastard", Lily screamed.

Meanwhile, Peter was running. He had to escape. He told the Dark Lord everything, and soon enough, Padfoot will get him.

It was always Padfoot. Padfoot this, Padfoot that. He was always left out, he was more of the 'fouth wheel', the one who was simply useless.

Just then, he was tackled by someone, and he looked up to see who it was. Bellatrix Lestrange. "You stupid man. You made the dark lord fail, Crucio", she scramed.

Peter shreiked in the pain, and screamed and screamed. Thrity seconds later, there was pops, and Lestranges made an scream of her own.

She was stunned, and then Peter was too. They were sent to Azkaban, well, Bellatrix was. James and Lily requested for Peter and Dumbledore to be given the Dementor's kiss.

All though they denied Dumbledore, Peter was unfortunate. He screamed for mercy to Lily, James, Remus and Siruis.

He was later kissed by Prince, one of the Dementors. It was the most feared Dementor of Azkaban, and Peter was left soulless.

One, Hogwarts Letter

Harry Potter awoke as the light flashed before his very eyes. He slowly got up, and reached for his glasses. He put them on, and saw Rose.

"Mum says breakfest is ready", and with that, Rose ran off. Harry got up, and slowly walked downstairs. He relised he was having an fry up.

"Rose, get your daddy, sweetie", Lily said, and Rose happily ran upstairs. Harry grinned. His sister was such an goody goody.

"So Harry. Your hogwarts letter should be here", she said. Harry agreed.

Just then, two owls came. One was snowy white, their owl named Star. The other was Pure black, and Harry relised this was his hogwarts letter.

"Mum", Harry grinned. Lily squeeled in delight, and hugged her son. Harry happily teared the envelope and the letter slipped out.

"We will go to Diagon Alley tomorrow", Lily said as she left Harry to eat his fry up.

The four of them went ot Diagon Alley, and they met up with the Weasleys. "Hello, Ron", Harry grinned at his best friend. "Hello Harry".

Harry and Ron talked about Quittich, while Ginny blushed everytime she saw Harry looking at her. Molly and Lily looked at each other, and smiled.

Harry bought an half kneezle that was called Crookshanks. Rose also bought an cat, this time an full kneezle. She called it Flower.

Harry went into Ollivander's shop, and was surprised his wand was the twin brother of Voldermorts.

The Weasleys were invited home, and Harry and Ron rushed to his room. They saw Hedwig nursing her daughter Abby.

James and Lily had recieved an male snowy white owl named Peeves, and Hedwig had gotten pregnant. Peeves was killed in an freak accident.

"So, Harry. Are you excited about Hogwarts", Ron asked. "You bet your ass i am. I can't wait. Ollivander told me that my wand is the twin brother of Voldermort".

Ron flinched at the name. "Realy", he squeeked. Harry nodded. Both of them talked until Molly said that Ron was going to the Burrow.


Three, The Sorting Tale

Harry, Hermione, Ron and Nevile shared an boat as Hagrid.

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