M.E. Anderson - "Ligature marks around the neck and wrists. Seems like she was bound by ropes and strangled with a cord, I can tell by the smooth impression on the neck, while on the wrists, it looks like there's a pattern."

Lance Carlson - "Hmm, anything else?"

M.E. Anderson - "No, but I'll let you know if I find anything else."

(Lance looks toward Dante, who shakes his head)

Dante Vaughn - "...and my friends wonder why I'm not famous."


(Dante finds Jerry holding a knife to Sarah's throat)

Jerry Parsons - "Don't come any closer or she'll lose a lot more than just her life!"

Dante Vaughn - "Take it easy, Jerry! Let's not do anything dumb!"

(Dante steps forward and Jerry holds the knife closer to Sarah's throat)

Jerry Parsons - "Don't try it."

Sarah Remsey - "Shoot him!"

Jerry Parsons - "Shut the hell up!"

(Jerry bares the knife at Sarah's cheek)


Judge Oren - "Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, how do you find?

Female Jury Member in Red - "We find the defendant, Jerry Parsons, guilty."

(Jerry hangs his head and sighs)


Dante Vaughn - "Impressive."

Marsha Meyers - "Save your congratulations, Dante. It was only one trial."

Dante Vaughn - "Yeah, but it won't be the last..."

Marsha Meyers - "True, but, I'm sure the next million will be just the same."

(Dante laughs)

Dante Vaughn - "Don't count on it."


(Dante's cellphone rings, and he answers it)

Dante Vaughn - "Vaughn. Talk to me."

Russ Griffith - "Dante, get over to Sarah's apartment, we got a frantic call from her. Sounded like she was being attacked."

Dante Vaughn - "Got it, cap."


Ashlee Boyd - "Hey Lance, where's Dante?"

Lance Carlson - "He went over the trial."


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