Syndicate Boys is a 1975 coming of age American Drama written by George Lucas and directed by John Huston

Syndicate Boys
Directed by John Huston
Produced by John Foreman
Screenplay by George Lucas
Based on Short Story concocted by George Lucas at a young age
Narrated by Bill Bixby

Brad Pitt,

Robert Downey Jr,

Shirley Maclaine,

Barbara Eden,

Sydney Pollock,

George Segal,

Marlon Brandon,

Bill Bixby

Music by Maurice Jarre
Cinematography Oswald Morris
Editing by John Foreman
Distributed by Allied Artists
Release date(s) March 17th, 1975 (limited)
March 23, 1975 (wide)
Running time 88 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $8 million
Box office $52,287,414

It stars a 13 year old Brad Pitt and a 10 year old Robert Downey Jr and a remaining cast of Shirley Maclaine as Lilian Daynburry (whom garnered an Academy Nomination for her role in the film as the character Tommy Daynburry's mother when he was 12 years old.), Barbara Eden as Jeanine Carpenter, Sydney Pollock as Peter Daynburry, George Segal as Joseph Carpenter, George Chakiris as the older 30 year old Tommy Daynburry, Bill Bixby as the 30 year old Tommy's bestfriend businessman Clark Robbins, Tina Louise as Helena Daynburry Tommy's interfering wife and Jean Marsh as Constance Iter Helena's bestfriend.

It concerns two boys fleeing from the law and from home and is the winner of two Academy Awards and one nomination:

1. Best Screenplay (George Lucas) 2. Best Director (John Huston) and 3. Best Supporting Actress (Shirley Maclaine).

The film serves as an inspiration for the later story Sleepers and it's film adaption (which ironically later starred Brad) as the random male bystander killed which has the protagonist four boys of Sleepers sent to Wilkinson's home of boys accidentally dropped a hot dog cart on him.

The manslaughter takes from the flashback scene in Syndicate Boys as the four naughty kids play around with the Science Class Chemical Cart which they accidentally drop upon their science teacher killing him.


Two boys are framed for the accidental killing of their Elementary School science teacher Mr. Oswald who died as a large Chemical Cart makes collision with him.

The framed boys abandon home and pack up for a runaway refusing to be taken away to the seperate juvenile homes they have been told they will.

The two boys however fall into bad company as they come into the stay of their town's drug farmers and one suffers a snakebite.

By the end the boys come to a town hospital and they call the police to come collect them along with their mothers to see them off.

They are taken as the one recovers from the extraction of the snake venom and both boys serve four years in their imprisonements until the evidence emerges that they were indeed innocent.

The Snakebite younger boy however suffered much abuse in his four years including sexual and as a result committs suicide.

The remaining boy at the age of 30 races to garner the convictions of the actual boys responsibile and have the man responsibile for the killed himself boy's sexual abuse whilest serving in juvie convicted.

The only thing standing in the way being his wife and the sudden shocking illness of his mother.


  • Brad Pitt as Little Tommy Daynburry
  • Robert Downey Jr. as Little Matt Carpenter
  • Shirley Maclaine as Lilian Daynburry Mid 40's
  • Barbara Eden as Jeanine Carpenter
  • Sydney Pollock as Peter Daynburry
  • George Segal as Joseph "Joe" Carpenter
  • Marlon Brandon as Tommy Daynburry 16
  • Warren Beatty as Matt Carpenter 14
  • George Chakiris as Tommy Daynburry
  • Bill Bixby as Clark Robbins

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