The Voice Acting in TA was astronomical. Critics claim it was as if the characters themselves had come to life. Below is a list of the voice actors in the Total Assault Series:

Actors Edit

"Melchizadek Special Warfare Group"

  • Davian - Keanu Reeves
  • Jon - Seth Green
  • Ivy - Milla Jovovich
  • Cody - Eric Bana
  • Shawn - Hugh Jackman
  • Taylor - Winona Ryder
  • Robbie - Ron Perlman
  • Zack - Sean Bean
  • Nathan - Tom Hanks

"United Embassies"

  • The Ambassador - Sigourney Weaver
  • The Admiral - Lance Henrickson
  • General William Cutter - Keith David
  • Major Jennings - Michelle Rodriguez
  • Captain Grigg - Samuel L Jackson
  • Commander Jade Steinburg - Emma Watson
  • Sergeant Amber Hayes - Kristen Stewart

"Zodiac Peacemakers"

  • Purist Deity Kluutak - Christopher Walken
  • Purist High Inquisitor Avisto - Djimon Honsou
  • Feral Field Commander Eryon - Morgan Freeman
  • Purists - Jess Harnell, John DiMaggio, Fred Tatascioure
  • Drones - Sam Elliot, Alligator sounds
  • Feral - David Scully
  • Banshees - Bear, Alligator sounds
  • Ravagers - Horse, Alligator sounds

"New Zodiac"

  • Oracle of Dark Energy - David Bowie
  • Oracle of Malice - Unknown
  • Fiend Deity Ragnarok - Tony Todd
  • King Grendel Bogart - Jon Voight
  • Fiends - Miguel Ferrer, John DiMaggio
  • Fiend Patriarchs - Jim Wood, Fred Tatascioure
  • Scamps - Ambrose Compton
  • Scarabs - Cricket, Dog noises
  • Destroyers - Frog noises
  • Hydra - Reversed, slowed down Bear noises

"The Spawn" The Spawn Core (Voices spoken randomly or all at once when angered.)

  • Dee Baker
  • Jodelle Ferland
  • Fred Tatascioure
  • Susan Silo
  • Judi Dench
  • Jim Cummings
  • Michael Bell

"The Servers"

  • The Metatron, Server Assault Drones - Peter Jessop

Quotes Edit

Below is a list of famous quotes from the game:

  • The Admiral
    • We, us, as humans, we must band together! All the swords of man, on this day, must strike as one! For we do not fight for the fate of one country, we fight for the fate of all Humans! We fight, this day, for the fate, of all organic life, as we know it!
    • Our fate, lies in the hands... of our Angels...
  • Adrean
    • Let them run... let them die.
  • The High Ambassador
    • Davian is the last of his kind, he will lead the Melchizadek honorably.
  • Avisto
    • The Humans don't deserve to live. (Ragnarok) They deserve to choose for themselves. (Avisto) Then you shall choose WITH THEM! BURN ALONGSIDE THEM IN EXTINCTION! (Ragnarok)
    • I know where my fate lies brother. (Avisto) You would dare! Dare help the humans take over the universe! Take him out of my sight, this... this... HERETIC! (Kluutak)
  • Bogart
    • The strong shall rise above the weak! And we... The Grendel... shall make Humans... obsolete.
  • The Spawn Core
    • Are... are you real? (Davian) I am as real as your soul. (Core)
    • Imprisonment has taught me PATIENCE! This place, this Havona, belongs to ME! I SHALL HAVE ALL THAT I POSSESS!!!
    • You dare defy me!? Without me, you would not be here! (Metatron) You are but a Machine, I do not fear you. (Core) I have no further use for you anyway. You will cooperate or I will blast you into STAR DUST! Without me, you would still be contained within that planet. (Metatron) Do you think I do not know of your plan Machine? Your creators, your gods have promised you freedom and pleasures beyond imagining, they have lied to you. I am the living embodiment of mother nature's true fury, it would not be wise to loose your temper with me. (Core) THE POWERS I HAVE HERE ARE LIMITLESS! YOU WILL SUBMIT OR YOU WILL JOIN ALL THE REST OF THOSE WHO HAVE DEFIED ME! I AM ABOVE YOU! YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A MINDLESS BEAST! COOPERATE OR I WILL SEAL YOU BACK WHERE YOU BELONG! (Metatron)
  • Davian
    • Live for nothing... or die for everything!
    • You were weak, but we made you strong, I made you a one man army, a Juggernaut, I made you perfect! (Bogart) Perfect!? You took my humanity, my mortal life from beneath my feet... YOU MADE ME A MONSTER! (Davian)
    • You will stay out of our way, and you will take us to your commanding officer... now! (Triton) Well... um... that is going to be a bit of a problem... you see... I am the commanding officer. (Davian)
    • Wait! Do not run! Haha! They are only Human. (Fiend Patriarch) Oh, stay a while, and we'll give you a whole new meaning to the term, "Only Human."
    • Our struggle will unite us, our courage will defeat them, our resources our own, our blood ocean, our skin oil, they cannot restrain us, their prisons cannot contain us, their customs will not un name us, we are the comforting prayer, we are the gate keepers, we are the street sweepers, they will not break us! Divided we fall! But together, we are unstoppable!
  • Ivy
    • I prefer to kill my enemies up close, so that I am the last thing their pathetic eyes ever see.
  • Jamey
    • You're the runt now that you always have been, Davian, you cannot win. (Jamey) You need to quit living in the past Jamey, and take me for what I am now, standing right here before you at this present moment, I am no runt! (Davian)
  • Jon
    • Oh, sorry, I was counting my money. (After being shot.)
    • I never miss!
    • You call that a Sniper?
    • Leave him, he will turn on us. (To Davian about Cody.)
    • You are making a bad decision. (After Davian insists.)
    • You will find Davian, that your greatest enemy, is your past.
    • You want the old Jon back? Come and get him! (Demon through Jon.)
  • Nathan
    • It is not the weapon the warrior holds, it is but the warrior that holds the weapon...
    • By forging an alliance between organic life, and the spawn, I will save more lives than have ever existed, but you, Nathan, would put all of that in jeopardy, and for that... you must die. (Adrean) Kiss my ass! (Nathan)
  • Kluutak
    • You're a monster, you would corrupt the very foundations of our Zodiac, just so that you can destroy Haven before Dark Energy!? You have twisted the innocent minds that would have been the greatest warlords of tommorrow, and for that, you must die. (Arian) (Kluutak slays the Arian) No, Arian, you see... I AM THE ZODIAC!
    • You must choose Human, do you want your daughter... or your Haven? Make your choice.
    • My brothers, you have been corrupted, blinded, and used by the selfishness of ignorance, but you can redeem yourself, join us, and help us in our holy crusade against The Spawn, together, all the swords of the Zodiac, can strike as one, and cleanse this disease from the Universe for good, you have a greater calling, answering it is all it takes.
  • The Metatron
    • You cannot run, you cannot hide. I am everything, I am everywhere, none of your secrets are safe from me. In this place... I... am... GOD!
    • I am amused at your pathetic attempts to survive. The storm is coming, and there is no shelter which you can seek.
    • I am amused at how pathetically you have failed, as it was known that you always would, Davian.
    • You have lost, child.
  • Oracle of Malice
    • You dare raise your tainted blade to me!? I will erase you from existence, now if you will excuse me I have more pressing matters to attend to...
    • Ugh! You taint my air that I breath! You wreak of sin, bow before me and be cleansed!
    • How dare you threaten me! I am above you! You damned parasite!
  • Oracle of Dark Energy
    • This traitor was right about one thing, you do have a greater calling. Humanity, a virus, they desecrate everything with their ignorant and violent ways. We, The Zodiac, must rise... rise up, and lead these vermin to extinction! Nature itself, cries out for their destruction... and we... The Zodiac... are its willing INSTRUMENT! We shall strike forth with the blinding fury of a thousand suns, rend them of flesh, and mind, and BONE! Unleash fleets of thousands, grind them into dust and air, and nothing will be left to crawl at my feet, begging for forgiveness, so I may lean down, and whisper, "no.", and stamp my foot on their head into ash. Nothing will be left alive... NOTHING! THEY DESERVE TO DIE! AND THEY SHALL INDEED GET WHAT THEY DESERVE! WE ARE HERE TO SAVE THE UNIVERSE MY CHILDREN! AND WE SHALL! AND WE SHALL BE HEROES! (Dark Energy after giving kill Kluutak and giving a speech to a clan of Fiends.)
    • It's all a lie! Everything is wrong! It can't be done... I... I must be loosing my mind... I... I... I... (Continues...) (Dark Energy after being driven to insanity by The Metatron.)
  • Ragnarok
    • Arian stop... I... I am on your side! (Ragnarok) My side!? You lie! If that were true I would not even be here right now! (Avisto) But... why would I pass up the chance to meet such extraordinary beings!? (Ragnarok)
  • Sergeant Amber Hayes
    • Now I have sent in 3 different platoons, all including Titan 2's to try to kill this lone Grendel Bishop, they did not succeed.
    • I have tried to kill this guy 3 times today, he just won't die. (Hayes) Leave him to me... (Davian)
  • Zack
    • I just want my little girl, that is all...

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