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Tainted Memories is the sixth full-length album from English doom metal band Black Widow, released on July 15th 2002. It is preceded by 1999's Dawn In Majesty and followed by 2004's Crypt of My Past.

Track listingEdit

  1. "The Faceless" - 9:00
  2. "The Night She Was Taken From Me, My Beloved" - 6:44
  3. "My Son, The Destroyed" - 6:44
  4. "Everything Is Gone" - 8:44
  5. "I Walk Lonely and Weak" - 10:00
  6. "It Almost Seemed Real" - 7:36
  7. "The Murderous Ways of Myself" - 9:00
  8. "The Sorrow, the Loss, the Anguish" - 10:02

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