Harry Potter. Harry has the powers of a basilisk. Harry/Ginny


Harry James Potter moaned in pain as the Basilisk dug deeper into his left arm. He heard Tom Marvalo Riddle taunting him, but Harry ignored the taunts.

He looked at the diary, Riddle's diary. The Diary Ginevra Weasley had unknownly unleashed the younger version of Voldermort.

"DIE", Harry roared as he quickly stabbed into the Basilisk's skin. The Basilisk hissed in agony, and the sword of Gryffindor was covered in basilisk blood.

Harry charged up at the diary, and stabbed it. Riddle screamed in pain, as did the basilisk. Harry kept stabbing the diary, over and over.

Harry then turned around. He saw two phoneix's. One was Fawkes, Albus Dumbledore's phoneix. The other he had never seen before. It's colour was Grey, and it too was fighting the beast.

Ginny was unconscious still, but she awoke and screamed at the sight. She turned around, and saw an unconscious Harry and a glow around him.

She fainted and fell to the ground with a thud, missing the basilisk falling down dead and the phoneix's flying towards the unconscious students.

Harry awoke a couple of hours later, and saw the form of Ginny Weasley. She was covered in blood, and was very very pale.

"Harry", she whispered.

"What", Harry asked.

"You're eyes", she whispered.

Harry looked at his reflection at the water. His eyes were yellow, pure dark yellow, and Harry relised these were the basilisk's eyes.

"Ginny, my eyes are the basilisk's", Harry whispered, and he turned around. Ginny only nodded.

"Look, there's Phoneix's", Ginny said. Harry turned around.

Hello Human

What was that

I'm Grey, i'm your own phoneix now

How did you come here

Because i have heard of what was happening from my friend Fawkes. I relised i needed a human, so i came to your rescue.

What about Ginny

She owns Fawkes

But thats Dumbledore's pet

No it isn't. Dumbledore had no right to own Fawkes

"I can speak to the phoneix", Harry and Ginny said in unision.

"This is Fawkes, what one is yours", she asked.

"Grey", he said. "It fits".

Harry and Ginny looked at each other. "Ginny", and he ran up to her and kissed her. Ginny returned the kiss, and both slid their tounge into each other's mouth.

Little did they know they had formed a soul bond, which would change the world.


Molly Anna Weasley was in shock. She and her husband Arthur had been informed that their youngest and only daughter, Ginevra Molly Weasley, had been taken to the chamber of secrets.

Which was worst was that her youngest son Ron and his friend, Harry Potter, had went looking for her. Not even Dumbledore could calm her down.

Meanwhile, Harry and Ginny slowly walked out of the chamber. Grey and Fawkes were on their master's shoulders. Ginny was carrying the diary, and Harry was carrying the sword.

"Harry, is that you", came the voice of Ron Weasley. "Yes. Ginny is with me, and so is Fawkes and Grey", Harry said. "Who is Grey", Ron asked.

"My Phoneix".

"What", Ron's voice sounded as if he was jealous, and Harry turned to Ginny.

What do you think we should do.

We should tell him to fuck off

"Fuck off Ronald Bilius Weasley", Harry and Ginny said in unison. Ron gasped.

"How did you", Ron sputtered. They heard Lockart speak for the first time.

"Hello, who is that behind that wall. Can we have a cup of tea".

However, the walls blasted open thanks to Grey and Fawkes. Ron collasped, in shock. He saw the Golden Glow around Harry and Ginny.

"What is that", he asked. "Hold onto Fawkes. Both of you", Harry said. Ginny nodded. Ron and Lockart held onto the tail, and both were gone.

Grey, pick me and Ginny up.

Yes, My Human Harry

Grey picked up Harry and Ginny, and they both flyed up. Harry and Ginny saw Ron and Lockart.

"Why did you do that", Ron demanded. "Do what", Harry asked.

"Why is this Grey yours", he asked.

Harry looked at him. "Jealous, are you", Harry asked.

"Damn right i am. You always play the orphan, the one who wants the fame", Ron spat.

Ginny was about to argue when Harry turned around and met her in the eye.

Ginny, leave him. He is arrogant, and isn't worth it.

Okay Harry

Harry, Ginny, Fawkes, Grey, Lockart and Ron walked to Dumbledore's Office. Harry opened the door, and Mr and Mrs. Weasley cried in relief when they saw Ginny, Harry and Ron.

"Ginny", Molly screamed. She ran up and hugged her. "Fawkes", Dumbledore said. Fawkes turned around, and flew up to Ginny and went on her shoulder. This shocked eveyrone except Harry and Ginny.

"What happened", Albus asked.

Harry and Ginny told them about Tom Riddle and the chamber. Dumbledore was shocked when he saw Harry's eyes, and Harry told him that he had the powers of a basilisk.

"What do you mean", Dumbledore asked.

"I can smell people. Look at my eyes. I know if someone is a traitor or what not. I know about their past, present and future", Harry said.


Harry awoke. He was at the hospital wing, and Madam Pomfrey came.

"Mr. Potter. You are free to go", she said, and Harry thanked her.

Harry walked downstairs, and he found Ginny. She was talking to Fawkes and Grey.

"Hello Ginny", Harry said, and both shared a kiss. They were glad no one was looking.

"Hello, Harry. I'm talking to Fawkes and Grey and are trying to find out why they picked us", she explained. Harry nodded.

Any luck, Harry asked.


Humans Harry and Ginny, Fawkes spoke.


Fawkes picked you, human Ginny, of the fact you have a heart of gold, and will stand aside by human Harry.

And Grey picked you, Human Harry, because of the fact you are about to change into a path, which isn't dark or light.

What do you mean Fawkes

Because Grey's symbol shows the middle. You will change the Wizarding World, for the good or worse.

Harry, Ginny and the phoenix's walked to the great hall. Everyone stopped eating when they noticed them. Ron ignored them, and Hermione stood up.

"What happened", she asked Harry, ignoring Ginny.

"What", Harry asked, confused.

Hermione slapped him. "You are a basilisk, Potter. You are a danger to our world, and god help me if i get my hands on you", and with that, she walked off.

Harry's slap enraged him, and the ground shook. Everyone but Ginny screamed or cried. Harry and Ginny then kissed each other, and the earthquake stopped.

"Come on", Harry whispered, and both walked to the table. Harry told Fawkes and Grey to continue on to Hagrid's Cabin.

"Congratuations on your relationship to Mr. Potter, Ginevra. But aren't you a bit young", Percy asked. Ginny looked at him.

"My innocence got took away from me the moment Riddle showed me images", Ginny said. Percy looked taken aback.

The Twins, however, were a differnet matter. They congratuated them both, but said if Harry raised a finger to Ginny, he would be pranked. Harry shrugged this off.

Ginny was his soul mate, and he was hers. Both loved each other.

Harry and Ginny said goodbyes to each other as both walked to their classes. Ginny was in History of Magic, and Harry was in Potions.

Ginny helped Harry out with her communication, and Harry got the best potion after Malfoy and Hermione. Snape looked impressed for a second, and then came back to his moody self.

Harry and Ginny found themselve on a free break, and both looked at each other in the eye. "Ginny, i love you", Harry whispered.

"I love you too".

And both kissed, but darkness had yet to come.

Dursley Surprise

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