Taking A Stab at the 80's is an episode of Scream the television series.

It aired theatrically on October 12th on Austar's Channel Fox and basic digital television's Channel Go!.

It is written by the scream series helmwriter Kevin Williamson and directed by Ariel Gade whom debuted in the documentary films Catfish and Paranormal Activity 3.

It features the Hangover's Stu Ed Helms, Popular Zack and Miri; Miri actress Elizabeth Banks, Fast and Furious Series' Jordana Brewster along with a rising star teen ensemble including: Matthew Levy, Elizabeth Gillies, Madeline Martin, Cameron Bright, Miranda Cosgrove and Taylor Momsen.

It also features a prominent double victim beginning sequence featuring famous Princess Giselle, The Fighter and Julia & Julie actress Amy Adams and infamously famous Two & a Half Men boy actor Angus T. Jones.

The film as the tentative title suggests is set in the 1980's.

The idea for the hour and a half long movie like episode came from Williamson's dying to bring in the fancy 80's frizz and soundtrack to which all but one song are of.

A hugely controversial cameo is included which consists that of Scream series survivour David Arquette whom just before the primary beginning victims start is seen alongside fellow cameo Courtney Cox with Dewey's mom in Woodsboro whom tells the Ghostface murders didn't just begin with Billy Loomis and Stu Macher and that the Woodsboro survivour cop falling for the survivour reporter has happened before which leads onto the main story which is told as a recount of the 80's Woodsboro Ghostface killings and the big party that surmounted in the house up the street.

The movie like episode is followed by the movie like episode successor Taking a Stab at the 70's.

Popular teen actresses Alyson Stoner (Of Cheaper By The Dozen and Step Up Fame) and Annasophia Robb (Of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Bridge to Terabithia) appear as two nasty 80's teen girls.


A teen boy and teacher of Woodsboro, High School are murdered by a maniac whom delivers a frightening phone call to the female teacher prior to her and the teen boy's killings.

The killer also leaves behind a Halloween Father Death Costume at the killings.

A scandal is revealed regarding to why the teen boy happened to be present at the female teacher's house is revealed as an affair.

The sheriff of the town Dwight Riley (Ed Helms) is struggling to keep the town in order and catch the horrendous maniac behind the killings of the two Woodsboro High Occupants.

A Reporter woman by the name of Jennifer Davies (Elizabeth Banks) then comes to town hoping to make a bigshot and win a pulitzer of exposing murder violence at first hand.

The two feud but become attracted but Jennifer's camera-woman Elena Tamos (Jordana Brewster) also takes an attraction towards Dwight Riley.

Apart from the love triangle the group of teenagers whom were friends with the beginning victim Logan (Angus T. Jones) are broken up and making their end of high school graduation party to be a change giant party to celebrate the death of their friend and the death of their Science teacher despite the fact she was involved with their friend.

From there another murder occurs which consists that of Woodsboro Riley Neighbour and student at Woodsboro high Liliana Patricks (Vivien Cardone).

From there all party plans are degreed to not be done even though it is senior year and large assigned curfews occur as Sheriff Dwight is forced to announce a serial killer.

Jennifer taps into her journalistic instints and loses respect from Sheriff Dwight as she leaks the photos to the press of the recent killing and announces to all other media organizations as well as her agent the presence of an actual serial killer.

She loses her camera-woman Elena whom jumps to Dwights' side claiming she's only abandoning due to knowing it's wrong to exploit the stripping of innocent lives like that.

The main teen group of the film whom were planning the Graduation-Goodbye Logan Party are ripped by the death as the very day of the killing whilest they were all out in groups of two collecting all the stuff for the party they received threatening phone calls stating that they are to be victims in a scary movie.

Jennifer, Elena and Dwight along with the rest of the police and media take to the school.

One of the teens Amelia Ruebens (Ariana Grande) approaches Jennifer mistaking her for their guidance councellor and asks that she help her stating that doesn't want to die the way Lily did or even Logan or even their Science Teacher Miss Andrews (Amy Adams) did.

She cries and breaks down on Jennifer which causes all the surrounding teens in the high school corridor to come running over and the principal (David Carradine) to glance over.

Outside the teen group leader Jack Poulton (Matthew Levy) approaches Dwight along with his girlfriend Tina Llewis (Elizabeth Gillies).

The other teens: Carl Shaton (Arlen Escaparta), Nancy Brooks (Taylor Momsen) and Sarah Parker (Madeline Martin) approach Elena with her camera and Nancy hits her in the face as Elena had been one whom had an affair with her dad.

Two nasty teen girls are seen then descending down the high school front steps to Sheriff Dwight whom is helping Elena up and the teens.

The two girls Janet Jackson (AnnaSophia Robb) and Tessa Trance (Alyson Stoner) leave nasty comments at Tina as Janet dated Jack before he dumped her for Tina.

Following the nasty comments Elena is fully halted back up and Nancy advances towards her again but are pushed apart by the other officers.

Sheriff Dwight meets with the Principal Jonathen Himbry whom discuss the murders and the teenage angst breaking out he sends out the telegram for the teen curfews forced down and then himself is told to make it back before dark.

Jonathen asks to why and Sheriff Dwight reminds of their science teacher Miss Andrews being killed by the killer and brings up the particularly interesting issue regarding her affair with a student and questions the school's actual strong structure and safety.

That night everyone is returned to their homes before dark and the press are all cleared out to the neighbouring town of Bridgetown apart from Jennifer whom asks to take residence at the Riley home to which Dwight detests but to which his mother says yes.

Principal Himbry and Amelia are the only two residents of Woodsboro whom seem to be just behind on curfew as Himbry is staying at his office excessively drinking whilest Amelia whom had been fired for drinking on the job at her CD Shop Emporium at Woodsboro Mall out of fearing the serial killer is meant to pack up her and things and lock up.

She is dawdling behind to rip the shop off it's produce and is stealing.

As she bags up all the CD's she is ripping off from the back she gets a call from Tina who is checking in on her hearing from her Biology Partner Amy that she had a bit of a freakout back at school.

Amelia whom is still drunk and in a hurry assures that she should be fine she's just got to make it home quick.

Tina recognises her as a drunk and offers her a ride to which Amelia tries to decline on the fact that she's stealing all the CD's.

She hears a minor shop noise and then asks for Tina to pick her up.

Tina asks for when to which Amelia answers now.

The following scene flashes between Principal Himbry drunk at his office at the school playing golf in his office among things and Amelia packing up and locking up awaiting Tina.

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