Takreeka was the mining world attacked by The Zodiac for possessing an Artifact of The Gods. This Artifact is none other than Anti-Matter technology.


In Total Assault Zero, Takreeka is a major planet, possibly the only location the game takes place on, on the continent of Merr, The Zodiac made landfall on November 28th searching for a weapon made by a race known as The Harbingers, and they say that it is on this planet. The MSWG reveal to several operatives working for them, Jon, Cody, Nathan, Shawn, and Taylor, that this weapons cache contains valuable Anti-Matter technology, and if The Zodiac conquer the planet and steal the tech, they will loose the war. Most of the plot of TAZ is still unknown as of now, but it is known through novels that the attempt at securing the planet was a success, but The Zodiac still managed to steal the AM tech.


In 2099, Takreeka is mentioned briefly in Total Assault 3 manual in the History of Mankind, which may say Takreeka is still standing during the events in Total Assault 3.

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