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At the end of the Transformers Wars

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20 Great Demon Generals
Darth Grievous's Sith Empire


Demon General

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Stealth Force Mode
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Tal Merrik is an evil Demon general that brings hate to the Galaxy. He was once a Mandalorian Senator who betrayed the Duchess of Mandalore and tried to use Assasin Droids to kill the Jedi and the Republic. He was killed by Anakin Skywalker who used a lightsaber stab in the back. His body was dumped into deep space and after many years Darth Grievous wrapped his body into a cocoon which hatched into another cape wearing Demon General. Tal Merrik was also responsible for the Death Trooper project. He died at the end of the battle of Korriban.


After his rebirth from his Chrysalis Tal Merrik was loyal to Darth Grievous and he invented the idea of Turning Galactic Alliance troopers and Jedi into cape wearing Death Troopers which is Sith/human and kaleesh/human. He lead a huge army and taken over Mandalore. He exterminated all of the Hutts, Sarlaccs and most species and manage to get the Autobots retreating from their territories. He even guarded the Chrysalises of Gigatron and Darth Grievous while the 2 rest and get stronger in their Cocoons.

At the Battle of Korriban he was killed by Bumblebee and Cliffjumper when Cliffjumper used the glass gas and bumblebee shot his body into shattered pieces.

Dark Future

In Darth Grievous's evil vision of the future Tal Merrik helped wipe out the Autobots on their last stand and was later sealed in a cocoon. After 90 years he was reborned as a monsterous cape wearing beast with beast claws, red eyes and wearing an evil sombrero.

Powers and Abilities

Tal Merrik is a strong Demon General with many powers and abilities. He wields a red lightsaber that can work underwater and he can used force lightning. He can summon Demon Death Troopers and he can uses his cape as a shield and teleport.

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