Tales Of A Woman's Revenge! or Tales Of Revenge is a 7-part short television mini-series created by Quentin Tarantino which features a collection of friend directors making television movies detailing a combat strong woman's revenge against a collective of people whom are brought down in a series of sometimes ultra-violent battles.

Following on from that the mini television series escalated and became a full running t.v show.

The mini-series debuted on May 12th 2011 to go with the completion of Quentin Tarantino's final script for Kill Bill Vol. 3.

Each entrant film episode in the mini-series features a new story, new characters and cast as well as a new director of which is a friend of mini series creator Quentin Tarantino.

There was a total of six film episodes in total with the series ending on June 16th 2011.


  1. Drowned Sorrow- Written and directed by Robert Rodriquez- features Heather Graham as the woman of vengeance- It features the genre element of weapon fighting revenge whilest being a combination of different elements much like Kill Bill
  2. Tomohawk- Written and directed by Edgar Wright- features Mary Elizabeth Winstead as the woman of vengeance- It features the genre element of a road warrior revenge film. It takes great inspiration from the films Mad Max and Day Of The Woman
  3. Western- Written and directed by Frank Miller- features Jaime King as the woman of vengeance- It features the genre element of a spaghetti western and western movie feel
  4. The Seven G- Written and directed by Eli Roth- features Jennifer Lim as the woman of vengeance- features the genre element of a samurai and gore revenge film much in the vein of Kill Bill and Lady Snowblood, it also has elements of a Geisha film
  5. Unwanted No. 1- Written and directed by Larry Bishop- features Laura Cayouette as the woman of vengeance- features elements of a gangster crime action revenge film
  6. Pick Your Ride- Written and directed by Rob Zombie- features Sheri Moon Zombie as the woman of vengeance- features the targets of revenge owning and distributing different enviromental transports such as a plane, boat and car.
  7. Full Moon Vengeance- Written and directed by Ethan Maniquis

Follow On Episodes

  1. 80's Revenge- Written and directed by Joe Dante
  2. 70's Revenge- Written by John Shiban and directed by Phil Sgcriccia
  3. 50's Revenge- Written by Sera Gamble & Raelle Tucker Directed by Kim Manners
  4. 60's Revenge- Written and directed by Sera Gamble

The Decades

The following brief plot summaries covering Tales of a Woman's Revenge!'s follow on episodes:

  1. 80's Revenge: a 1980's teen chick whom works at a Mall Music Store is to attend a large graduation celebration party. She is a popular girl with a close knit group of popular friends but upon breaking up with her popular varsity boyfriend embarrases the entire group by defending a poor nerdy boy from the group in front of the entire school. They conspire to play a prank against her as revenge and discover the nerdy student happens to have a crush on her. They pester him about it and call him a coward as his little crush has to be the one to fight his battles in defense he claims to have no interest and doesn't need her to fight his battles. They then ask he then participate in a prank they are to play on her to put her in her place. The prank goes badly and the girl is left in critical condition at the local general hospital. She escapes the hospital apart from the fact she has been confirmed to have a deadly brain tumour as a result of her injuries which will kill her within 24 Hours. She begins a 24 Hour rampage of revenge to kill those responsebile.
  2. 70's Revenge:

Betrayals and Double-Crosses- Seeds for a ripe tree of Vengeance

  1. Heather Graham: Molly Vogel- A former hitwoman part of a collective group of hitmen known as the Lethal Cesonia is viciously attacked at home and left for dead after trying to leave the world of killing. She then marks them all with the mark of the notata: mark of death and comes for revenge
  2. Mary Elizabeth Winstead: Biance Cavallaro: A former ute donning religous woman whom was raped, beaten and left for dead by a group of motorcycle clad gang members known as the Right Winged Doves.
  3. Jaime King: Allison Evvernart- The adopted child of a former cowboy who took her in after she was cast off into the desert at age five by her abusive mother following her loving father's death. She witnesses her guardian be viciously murdered by her mother and her suppordinate group of gunslingers known as the Great Octapi in search of her. She then becomes the prophecied harbinger of revenge cowgirl known as the Lone Gungslinger
  4. Jennifer Lim: Yoko Takamoto- An orphan girl whom is given to a lovely young woman running a Geisha House witnesses Seven Geishas betray the two Geisha house runners including her mother figure and kill them and burn the place to the ground. However she escapes the house whilest it is alight and upon reaching age 19 plots revenge against the seven geisha who caused her to be thrown out onto the streets again and took someone very dear from her.
  5. Laura Cayouette: Nancy Carlahann- Red headed beauty and wife of a loving gentleman who turns out be crime boss and hitmen gangster. Upon finding out she has learnt his secret and without asking to see if she'd actually report him he and a group of five gangsters beat her to a pulp and shoot her off a bridge. She however survives.
  6. Sheri Moon Zombie: Nicolette Meridian- Blonde curly haired wonder whom is part of the Texan Transportation organization controlling the department of water travel along with the boss of Texan Transportation whom is also her lover. Her sellings of all water transports and various amounts of earnage cause the actual boss and her lover to go broke which leads to him and the other two bosses conspiring her against her and attempting to kill her. She however survives and plots revenge.
  7. Rachel McAdams: Alana Maur: Woman turned into a werewolf by the man she loves whom has a group of werewolf woman. She swears revenge on them


Drowned Sorrow

  • Heather Graham as Molly Vogel AKA Diving Bell
  • Brittany Robertson as Deeanna Nutton AKA Cobalt
  • Javiar Bardem as Trolo Mourn AKA Huntsman
  • Nicole Ari Parker as Dr. Evernine Prescott AKA Black Widow
  • Bryce Dallas Howard as Joleen Marybelle AKA Flower
  • Randy Quaid as Calvin Everrby AKA Spined Micrathena
  • Mickey Rourke as Humble Ross AKA Tarantula
  • Ian McKellan as Norton Jazz AKA Goliath Bird Eater


Drowned Sorrow

  • Something In The Water- Brooke Fraser (Theme Song)
  • Absolutley (Story Of A Girl)- Nine Days
  • My Delirium- Ladyhawke
  • Friday- Kate Miller-Heidke
  • My Cloud Has Lost It's Silver Lining- Daniel Benjamin (Ending Song)


  • She Wants Revenge- Tear You Apart (Theme Song)
  • Beautiful People- Chris Brown feat. Benny Bennassi
  • Satellite- Lelia Broussard
  • Mums Attack- L.Stadt
  • Superstar- Lupe Fiasco (Ending Song)


  • The Number 23- Fabritsia (Theme Song)
  • Circles- The Lines
  • Caribou- April March
  • The Land of Go- April March (Ending Song)

The Seven G

  • I'll Kill Her- Soko (Theme Song)
  • A Better Tommorow- Chemistry (Ending Song)
  • Blue Bird- Kobukurro
  • Mingnonette- April March

Unwanted No. 1

  • Not Now- Blink 182 (Theme Song)
  • Settle Down- Kimbra (Ending Song)
  • Kininaru Aitsu!- Hiroka Hayashi
  • Wakakusa no Oka- Hiroka Hayashi
  • Black Room- Jun Mayazumi

Pick Your Ride

  • The Boy (The Best One Yet)- The Black Eyed Peas
  • Psyche or like Scope- Family Of The Year
  • Maximus- Beni ft. Sam Sparrow
  • Feelings Gone- Basement Jaxx ft. Sam Sparrow (Ending Song)
  • I'm Not Alone- Calvin Harris

Full Moon Vengeance

  • She Wolf- Shakira (Theme Song)
  • Walk Like A Man (Jersey Boys)
  • Big Girls Don't Cry (Jersey Boys)


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