Terra Branford Headshot
Name Terra Branford
Universe Final Fantasy
Status Alive
Species Human/Esper
Gender Female
Hair Color Gold
Eye Color Blue
Affiliation Truce Alliance
Appears in A Conflict Unleashed

The End at Last
Final Battle for Conquest

Voiced by Natalie Lander
"I'm counting on myself, and everyone else to win this conflict."
—Terra Branford

Terra Branford was a half-human, half-Esper, who was known to be a young woman wielding magical powers through her Esper blood. She was one of the heroines to team up with the villains against the Forces of Discord.

In Stars of WarEdit

Terra Branford was fighting alongside the heroes against the villains in a battle when they were all caught in a flash of light. Unbeknownest to Terra and the others, the flash of light was from when Kratos opened Pandora's Box that caused all of the heroes and villains' worlds combine together into one, while the power of Hope from the box affected Kratos and the evils infected Zeus and the other Olympian gods. Terra and the other heroes and villains were then called upon by Cosmos and Chaos. The Goddess of Harmony and the God of Discord have formed a truce after hearing of a major threat that will be brought upon the combined world. To overcome the threat, Terra and the other heroes have to team up with the villains in order to win.

During the war, she fights alongside Vaan and Kefka Palazzo.

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