Harry Potter. Harry and Ginny Potter are forced to take chances, when they travel back in time.


Harry and Ginny Potter were running for their lifes. They had almost taken out an group of death eaters. Almost.

It had started when Hermione had been killed, by Crabbie and his fellow eaters.

Ron was devastated, and planned revenge. They destroyed the charm that was protecting the saftey of Crabbie Manor, and invaded.

Ron was the first to be killed. Wormtail slit his throat, and Ginny killed him. Harry killed Crabbie and they were forced to run.

However, the death eaters were still alive, and were chasing them.

"Harry, i can-", Ginny collasped. Harry knelt down and touched her, and disaparated.

"Where are we", Harry asked himself. He relised he was in the burnt office of Dumbledore. During the battle, many were killed, and the castle was in flames.

He remembered the look on Luna's face as she was hit by the killing curse. She looked at Harry, and then fell down, dead in the office.

Harry saw an book. "Ginny", he tried to wake her. An moment later, Ginny awoke. "Where are we", she asked.

"Hogwarts", he told her. Ginny looked at him. "Why do you have an grin", she asked, softly.

"Look here", Harry showed her the book. "We can travel back in time, we can stop this happening altogether".

"We can't. The baby will die", she whispered.

"Baby", Harry's eyes nearly popped out.

"Harry, i was going to tell you. Before Hermione, you know. She relised i was being sick a lot, so she stole an pregnancy test".

"Oh m-", he was interupted when Bellatrix Lestrange and Lucius Malfoy came in.

"Blood Traitor and ickle Potter", laughed Lestrange. Before she reponded, Harry quickly killed her and then Malfoy.

"Come on", Harry said, ignoring Ginny's shock look. They both fell into the contents of the book, into the past.

Harry awoke, and relised he was in the closet. He then relised it was his hogwarts letter. "Ginny", he whispered. He wondered if she made it.

Next time. Harry and Ginny meet, and Harry becomes friends with Ron, Hermione and Nevile, and get sorted.

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