Terrosrisim is an fanfiction about friends.Joey is killed during an train crash,Which was an terrorist attack.The gang try to cope.


Rachel walked on,Not caring about everyone around her.She knew it was over.She just knew.She and Joey was dating,But Rachel was furious when she learned he was having an affair with Monica.Rachel had slapped Monica and ran away.

She later found out from Phoebe that she and Chandler were having an affair also,So the world was in ruins for the friends.Rachel passed an store and saw a pair of boots she was going to buy.She was not now.

"The world is in ruins",She thought and just walked away and saw Central Perk.When she opened the door and saw Ross drinking his coffee."Hey Ross",Rachel muttered and walked to the counter where Gunther was.

"Rach,Can i ask you something"?,Gunther asked."Shoot",Rachel said and got her coffee from him."Can you own Central Perk.I'm going to Spain",He said matter of factly.Rachel thought about it,And befour she could think straight,"Yeah".

Gunther smiled."Come in next Monday",And with that Gunther left to an custumor."I'm getting Central Perk",Rachel sang in an happy voice."And Monica or Joey are not coming to Rachel's Coffee",And with that Rachel danced out of the shop.Ross looked at her sadly.Befour he could tell her about his crush on her,Joey has asked her out and their relationship lasted for about ten years.

Rachel walked to her apartment to move out when she bumped into Monica."Look,The slut",Rachel spat on her and walked to her apartment.Monica was about to confront her,But had second thoughts.

Rachel grabbed her suitcase and started to grab her clothes and chucked them in.She heard someone coming in,And when Rachel packed,She looked out to see who it was.It was an crying Chandler,Who collapsed into the floor.

"Chandler",Rachel screamed and ran up to him."Joey",He mumbled and started to talk something about an train."Chandler,What happened",Rachel had screamed.She was worried about her friend saftey.

"Joey,Dead,Train crash",And with that,Chandler passed out.Rachel ran to the bathroom and was sick in the toilet.Joey,Her fiance,Was dead.But he did cheat on her.He had paid for it,But she wished it was not like that.

Phoebe walked up to Joey's apartment and opened the door.She saw Chandler passed out and she screamed."Honey",She screamed and ran up to him.She shaked him,Trying to wake him up."Please",She cried out.

Rachel heard the sobs and slowly went out of the bathroom and looked at Phoebe."Joey's dead,Phoebe",Rachel muttered under her breath and passed out,Causeing Phoebe to scream out even more.


Joey looked at the woman.He knew her from somewhere,And guessed it.It was Julie,The girlfriend Ross was going out with right now."Hey,Julie",Joey said."Oh hey Joey,I have got something to tell you",She smiled.Joey's sadness quickly disapeared when he looked at the smile."What",He asked."I'm Pregnant".

"What",Joey said out loud.It caught him off guard."Yes",She cried out in delight.Just then,There was an loud noise."What",Joey asked but just then,All the pasangers fell down to the ground.About Four men came in,With guns that caused everyone to pannic.

"Shut up",One shouted and he started shooting at the floor,But an bullet had accidently hit an woman on the face."Oh my god",Julie screamed,And one turned around and shot her down.Joey looked at the corpse with awe in his eyes.He was more terrified than the others.

Just then,An explosion was heard,And to everyone's horror,They see another train flipping upside down,Crashing into their train,Which killed most of the passangers.Joey banged his head against the floor,And the world went black.


Rachel looked at the door as Phoebe and Chandler came in."Hey Rach",Chandler and Phoebe said at the same time."Bye",Rachel rudely said and she just grabbed both of them and dragged them out."What are you doing",Phoebe asked."Ending this",And with that,She locked the front door.

Rachel walked into the kitchen and grabbed gasoline.She had buyed it the day,And she was ending her life.To be with her Joey.Her Joey.Just theat thought made her spill out all the gasoline and poured it all over the place.

Chandler and Phoebe tried to get in and they saw what was going on."Rach,Don't",Phoebe scremed as she tried to open the door.Rachel picked up the lighter that Gunther forgot and lit and threw into the gasoline.

Just when it bursted into flames,Chandler managed to kick the door in and ran to Rachel.He and Rachel struggled and Chandler managed to drag her out.Chandler held Rachel away as the three friends saw their hangout,Burning to the ground.

Ross looked at his sister in pity.She had no wil to live.Except for him.Monica lit an fag and looked at Ross,Ross turned away when she looked into his eyes."Mum died today",Was all Ross could say.

"Good",Monica coldly replyed.Ross had it.He could not stand this.Ross ran up to her and grabbed her hair and started tp push her around.Monica kicked him in the groin and started to hit him.Ross looked at her in anger and punched her head,Which resulted in Moncia falling down to the ground.

Just then,The door opened and there stood Phoebe in shock."Guys",Was all Phoebe could say but Monica pushed her away and ran out of the building.This had to end.Now.Ross looked at Phoebe and he looked down,An tear in his eye."Ross",Ross looked up and Phoebe kissed him.He kissed back and they started to snog,Just when Chandler came in and saw this.

Three:Car Crash

Monica was in her car,Driveing carelessly.She could never believed that her own brother attacked her.Now her brother.Her friends were long gone now.Just then,She saw an car right in front of her.She tried to stop the car,But it flipped over the car,Crashing it in an bus.

"Why",Chandler asked."Because i am in love with Ross",Phoebe looked down when she said her lovers name."But i betrayed Monica,For you",Chandler said with no emotion inside him."She betrayed you",Pheobe cried.

Ross had walked out after getting an punch from Chandler.Phoebe just looked at Chandler is sadness."What has happened to us",Phoebe asked and she crawled into the sofa.

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