Chapter I: UNSC Ishimura

“Welcome to the Ishimura, marines. The Ishimura is an UNSC Prowler that carried out famous operations such as Operation: REDEMPTION. As you see failing in the Ishimura is not an option as you are chosen to assist a Spartan at Meartsefil. I do not want any arguments between you two! Do I make myself clear? “

“Yes sir!”

“Alright move out! Your mission starts in a few minutes get in your drop pods before the time ends! You are to meet the Spartan at Meartsefil, Happiness.”

As Katie opened the door her skin was suddenly pierced by a Flood Infection Form and transformed into a flood instead of watching we wore our helmets and started firing at the them. We came out only to see that the crew was fighting the Flood just like what we were doing. “Why didn’t you activate the alarm?!” a marine said “The alarm is at the corner! Help me shoot through these bastards so we can activate them! “ a marine replied. I ran up to them and started clearing the path for them. Soon, we shot through the infection and activated the alarm. “Are only hope getting our asses out of here is to push to the escape pods!” we had to push our way to get to the drop pods. I took a short cut, which ended up with me battling a tank form. I ran back and started to fire at it. It ran close to me and hit me with its arms I got knocked down on the floor and my riffle was tossed on the other side. It ejected an Infection form out of its mouth and it ran to me. Until Major and the other ODST’s shooting at it repeatedly. “Naima! Are you alright?” said a Major Amber, I replied “Yes ma’am.” I grabbed my gun and ran to the dropping zone and dropped into hell along with the others. I wonder, where will I go...

Non Canon Skit: Who is the Master Chief?

Naima Matsudai: Index.

Index-G298: Yeah?

Naima: Who is the Master Chief?

Index-G298: There’s a lot of Master Chief’s you know.

Naima: I see. But, I meant Spartan-117.

Index-G298: Oooooh. THAT guy.

Naima: Well, what is he like?

Index-G298: Uh... I went on a mission with him once...

  • Flashback time*

-Scene cuts to brutes firing their weapons at John-117 who is walking slowly to them-

Brute: Die demon!

-Keeps firing-

Brute: How does he survive that?

Elite: I’ll take care of this, weaklings. *gets rocket launcher*

-Fires at MC-

  • Smoke*

-MC comes out alive in one piece without a scratch-


Index-G298: ...Jesus Christ... He’s godmodded...

Malevolence-G299: So, freaking true...

-Scene cuts back to Naima and Index-

Naima: Amazing. He is that strong?

Index-G298: Yeah. If I remember correctly.

Naima: I see. Is he smart?

Index-G298: Well...

  • Flashback*

Index-G298: Hey Chief, what’s 1 + 1?

Spartan-117: 11.

-Scene cuts back to them-

Naima: Oh... Then to you. Who is the best and strongest Spartan?

Index-G298: Me!

Naima: Your strong?

Index: Yeah!

Naima: If I shoot you with a shotgun you will survive?

Index: Hell yeah! Wait. What?

  • Gun Shot*
  • Ambulance Siren*


Chapter 2: ODST vs SPARTAN

Non-Canon Skit: Spartan in New York 2011

What if Spartan’s existed in New York City at the year 2011?

Dude: Yo dude! Yo broke mah ride!

Spartan-II: So?

Dude: Yo gonna pay fo that scratch bitch!

-Spartan-II gets surrounded by gangsters-

Dude: Kick his ass!

-Spartan-II carries the dude’s car-


-throws it at them-

Dude: Mommy!

  • BOOM*

-Scene cuts to US Marines in Iraq with a Spartan-II-

Terrorist: You cannot eat pork!

Private Obama: YES WE CAN!

Terrorist: Damn you American’s and your pork eating habits!

-Fires gun-

-Spartan-II grabs a pig and throws it at a terrorist’s mouth-

Terrorist: mmmf!

Other Terrorist: You have disgraced our God! Eating dirty pig. In one bite!

Terrorist: Mmmmf!!!! *Chokes*

Other Other Terrorist: How we make people fear Iraq like this?! That Spartan kill ally with evil pig!

Terrorist: Mmmmft!!! PFFT! SCKKK! SQUAAACK! *Dies*

Sparatan: How bout you come over here so, I can snap your neck?

Terrorists: Ahh! Nevermind! We pass!

Spartan: Good.


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