An upcoming album coming in 2012 which is an album done by Alucard Simms. It is a fusion of classical music and soft rock. Receiving a rating of 4 out of 5 stars by the rolling stones, it has three hit singles: God's Throne, Departure of the Soul, and What Would I Do Without You?


Disc 1Edit

  1. The Rolling Storm
  2. Unsettling Times
  3. Among the Rest
  4. Truth
  5. Love and Devotion (Part 1)
  6. tranquility (intermediate Hymn)
  7. Love And Devotion (Part 3)
  8. Sea

Disc 2Edit

  1. Test of Time
  2. Time's Sillouette
  3. Requiem of the Wind
  4. Lullaby of the Earth
  5. Symphony of Fire
  6. Melody of the Water
  7. God's Throne
  8. What Would I Do Without You?
  9. Beginning of the End
  10. Departure of the Soul
  11. Prologue (Sailing souls)

Cover ArtEdit

Coverart 1

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