Texas Chainsaw Masscure Campground is a 2018 Horror Slasher Thriller Film starring Lea Michelle, Jennifer Lawrence, Christian Hall, Jane Levy, Dianna Argona and Travis Van Winkle.


Six collage kids Lindsey, Zoey, Trent, Lilly and Cara stay at an old campground for the night. After finding no one there decide to stay there fo the night. Leatherface has escaped from the estate mansion and comes to the campground. Leatheface killed the people who stayed there when he was young and now he's come back to kill once more.


The flim starts off with leatherface being a thirteen year old and he is eating with his family when they get into an arguement and leatherface leaves the mansion and goes to a jellystone campground that is a mile down the road from there mansion and his family works there. There is a young couple there and there names are Ashley and Dylan. Leatherface chases Dylan to hill where he kills him and Ashley hides under a bed n one of the cabins and leatherface finds her and kills her.

Heather makes sure that Leatherface is in his room in the basement and she shuts the door. Be

Lindsey(Lea Michelle),Zoey, Trent,Lilly,Cara and Joe go with Lindsey to a campground she been wanting to go in a long time. There is no one there but them and Joe(Travis Van Winkle) goes to the ranger station and uses the bathroom. When he looks in the mirror he see's leatherface and leatherface sticks a chiansaw through his body.

The nine friends play around and walk around and Cara(Jane Levy) goes to the ranger station and finds the secerct room and frinds Joe dead and when she opens the celler door and leatherface beats her to death with his slegehammer. By nightime Trent and Lilly decide to go look for Cara and Joe while the others stay at the RV.

When they go to the ranger station leatherface comes out and kills Ethan(Josh Hutcherson) and Lilly(Diana Argona) hides in the game room. Leatherface finds her but Lilly manges to get past him and out door and runs to the jumping pillow snapping her ankle and letaherface kills her.

Lindsey and Zoey(Jenifer Lawrence) get worried where all there frindes are and they are walking to the way to the ranger station when leatherface comes out with a chainsaw and he chses them to the RV where he chainsaws it and he sticks his chainsa wthrough the door and cuts Zoey's leg off and he comes in where he kills Zoey and chases Lindsey into the master bedroom. Lindsey sticks her head to the door only to be cut only a scratch by the chainsaw and she leaves the room by going out the window just as leatherface was about to kill her.

She runs through the campground and finally hides behind a rock and she dosen't here the chainsaw and then the chainsaw goes through the rock almost hittng Lindsey's head and she get's up and runs but leatherface cathes up to her and knocks her out.

Lindsey wakes up and  both of her arms are tied up to two trees and she has duct tape on her mouth. Lindsey here's the chainsaw start and she screams to death and leatherface slips on something and cuts one of Lindsey's ties and he falls down a hill knocking himself out and Lindsey unfree's herself just as leatherface gets up. Lindsey runs and jumps off a hill and twists her ankle.

She gets up and runs up the hill with leatherface chasing her and Lindsey runs to the Ranger Station and hides in the secert room and hides under the table and leatherface comes in and Lindsey see's him lay the dead body of Ethan on the table and she see's him cut his face off and then sewing it an dputting it on. When leatherface leaves the room Lindsey leaves the table and finds leatherface's masks and the dead bodies of her friends. Lindsey leaves the room just as leatherface comes into the ranger station and Lindsey runs out of the Ranger Station and hides under the building.

She see's Leatherface walk to the game station and she gets out and falls and Leatherface here's this and Lindsey hides on the porch of the ranger station and she tries to walk around the building but leatherface swings the chainsaw at her and she ducks and he hits the building and hse runs up a hill and runs and runs and finally runs out of Jellystone and she is running down the road and leatherafce is behind her and he gets closer and closer and a pickup truck comes and Lindsey gets in an dthey drive away only for another truck to hit them and causing Heather to go flying out of the truck and into a pond.

Lindsey starts swimming to out of the pond when the guy who crashe dinto them says "leatherface she's still alive." and leatherface comes down and Lindsey starts swimming only to be grabbed by leatherface and taken out of the pond. Leatherface and his cousin Jeff put Lindsey in the back of the truck with Jeff an dthey take her to the mansion where they knock her out.

Lindsey wakes up and she  is tied to a chair in the kitchen and she reconizes Heather Miller a girl she went to colage with and Heather says they wont kill you they just want to torment you and Hetaher says then why did they kill my firends and Lindsey screams just as leatherface comes in and sits down. Jeff and his brother Jimmy put the dead body of Joe on the table and Heather barfs and leaves the room while Jeff and Jimmy start to eat him.

Lindsey screams and yells and leatherface grabs her and Lindsey manges to get out of his hold and she runs upstairrs and she here's leatherface's chainsaw and she runs into a room and out the window. Lindsey runs through the corn feild with leatherface behind her and Lindsey runs into a traintrack and leatherface chases her and she runs in to the Devonshire apartments and leatherface chases her and Lindsey runs to a bus and gets on it and rides away. The movie ends with leatherface running around in circles with the chainsaw.                                                                                                               

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