Texas Chainsaw Massacre 6: The Revenge of Leatherface is an American horror-slasher film starring Amanda Crew, Thomas Dekker, Kyle Gallner, Rooney Mara, Aaron Yoo, Katharine McPhee and Andrew Bryniarski


6 friends drive through Texas to go to a party but get stuck they see the Hewitt house and decide to go in but they don't know that Leatherface is still alive and they have to survive the Hewitt house.

When Leatherface is captured, he is sent to a maximum security experimental prison in South Asia, where he is tortured and mutilated.


The film begins with Julie getting in a car and driving away, Leatherface then gets up and grabs his chainsaw and drags Chris' dead body down the basement. 5 friends drive through Texas to go to a party but get stuck they get out and they see the Hewitt house and decide to go in. Leatherface hears them come in and goes downstairs. Heather, Nick, Quentin and Kristen decide to go outside, Eric hears Leatherface and Michelle sees him come downstairs he tries to kill her but Eric jumps in front of Michelle and he is cut in half with Leatherface's chainsaw and Michelle screams and runs to the others. Michelle tells them that Eric is dead and they decide that they should leave but can't Leatherface comes up behind Michelle and impales her in her head with his chainsaw. Heather, Nick, Quentin and Kristen run into the woods and Leatherface goes after them. Quentin seperates from the group and Leatherface comes up behind Quentin and slashes Quentin to death and Leatherface drags Quentin's body back to the house.

As the trio are running through the woods Kristen decides to go look for Quentin and Heather and Nick decide to go look for Quentin. As the group look for Quentin they decide to go back to the Hewitt house to look for him as they get there they see Leatherface hanging Quentin's corpse and Kristen starts crying. Leatherface hears them and the group hide, Leatherface finds them and Nick fights off Leatherface he tells Heather and Kristen to run and hide. As Nick is fighting off Leatherface he is then decapitated with Leatherface's chainsaw.

Heather and Kristen are still hiding in a bathroom Heather tells Kristen to escape the house and Kristen tells her that she is not leaving without her and Nick. Leatherface finds them and knocks Heather and Kristen unconscious and drags them down the basement. Heather and Kristen wake up and find themselves tied up in a chair, Kristen picks up Jerry's pocket knife from Jerry's corpse and cuts herself loose as she tries to cut Heather loose Leatherface stabs Kristen in the back with Jerry's pocket knife and stabs her in the back, he picks her up and hangs her on a hook. Heather starts crying, Leatherface comes closer and Heather kicks him in his face and grabs Jerry's pocket knife and cuts herself loose, Heather goes hide in a cabinet and finds a machete. Leatherface finds her and she stabs his hand with the machete and he painfully rips the machete out, Heather runs out of the house and Leatherface chases after her.

Heather runs into the woods and Leatherface catches up to her and Heather knocks him unconscious with a log, she picks up Leatherface's chainsaw and slashes him to death and he dies. She finds the road, hotwires her car and drives away.


Amanda Crew as Heather - One of the friends going to a party

Thomas Dekker as Nick - Heather's boyfriend he also convinced Heather to come to the party

Kyle Gallner as Quentin - Kristen's boyfriend and Nick's best friend also going to the party

Rooney Mara as Kristen - Quentin's girlfriend and Heather's best friend also convinced Heather to go to the party

Aaron Yoo as Eric - Nick's other best friend who also is going to the party and also likes Michelle

Katharine McPhee as Michelle - Heather's other best friend who also is going to the party and also likes Eric

Andrew Bryniarski as Thomas Hewitt/Leatherface


Agnes Bruckner as Julie- She is shown in the beginning getting in a car and driving away

Sean Faris as Chris - He is shown in the beginning when Leatherface drags his dead body in the basement

Ryan Merriman as Jerry - He is shown when Kristen picks up his pocket knife from his corpse


Eric- Cut in half with Leatherface's chainsaw

Michelle- Impaled through head with Leatherface's chainsaw

Quentin- Slashed to death with Leatherface's chainsaw

Nick- Decapitated with Leatherface's chainsaw

Kristen- Stabbed in back with Jerry's pocket knife and is hanged on a hook

Thomas Hewitt/Leatherface- Stabbed in hand with a machete and rips it out and slashed to death with his chainsaw by Heather



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