Texas Chainsaw Massacre 8: The Rebirth of Leatherface is an American horror slasher film that Stars Cody Longo, Em,a Bell, Jacqueline MacInne Woods, Emma Roberts, Alex Pettyfer, Johnny Simmons, Jensen Ackles, Briana Evigan, Emily Browning, Danielle Panabaker, Nico Tortorella, and Matthew Lillard.


The film begins with a figure watching a car driving away, and looking down at Leatherface's decapitated body, while holding a chainsaw in anger. It then cuts to eleven people who are camping in the woods not far from Leatherface's old house. Suddenly, Ariel hears a noise and goes through the woods and sees nothing, but finds the old house of Leatherface. Surprised at his discovery, he invites the other ten to come see the house, and they walk inside to see if anyone was home.

They separate into two teams (the first team having Ariel, Leni, Zoe, Vincent, and Natalie, and the second team having Janet, Robby, Tommy, Sadie, Bart, and Sally) and go into separate parts of the house to observe, and Bart and Sadie get lost and end up in a bedroom, which turns out to be the same bedroom Leatherface slept in. They decide to get in the bed and they eventually begin to make out, locking the door behind them so no one can see them. Bart hears a noise under the bed and looks under it, only to have his face slashed offscreen by a chainsaw. He turns around and dies in front of Sadie, much to her shock. Before she can get out of bed, however, she is impaled with the chainsaw, killing her.

Ariel, Leni, Zoe, Vincent, and Natalie are observing the upstairs when they hear Sadie screaming and run to the bedroom where they try to open the door, but they can't. Ariel gets an idea and eventually breaks the door down by slamming a drawer against the door, and they rush in and see Sadie, half naked, dead in the bed. They scream and turn around, and a person (shown offscreen) throws a crowbar into Vincent's face, impaling it and killing him. They all scream and run towards a window and climb out of it, falling onto the roof and tumbling down. They held on to the side of the roof and Ariel had a plan to climb over to the gutters and slide down to the ground, and he sent Leni first. She managed to slide down and then everyone else except Ariel went and when it was Ariel's turn, the person threw the chainsaw out if the window and headed towards the gutters which Ariel was holding onto. It cut through the gutters and made Ariel's grip come loose, and he fell, landing in a tree. He safely climbed down, and they continued to run when they saw the person was coming out of the window.

They ran in a cellar and hid, and the person came down minutes later to find them. He eventually found Sally and dragged her out, and began beating her to death with a sledgehammer killing her. As Tommy ran out to help his girlfriend, Ariel popped out with a gun and tried to shoot the person, but instead shot Tommy in the back of the head killing him. This caused the figure to turn (We only see his legs) and he starts to run at Ariel. He dodges out of the way and smashes a barrel on his head knocking him unconscious. He quickly wakes up and grabs Leni by the legs making her trip and is about to beat her with the hammer, when Ariel beat him on the head again with another barrel, knocking him unconscious good this time.

They ran out of the cellar and ran to the house just as the person woke up and saw them escaping. As they hid in a room, they began boarding up the door to keep the person out as they called 911. However, the person simply just cut the door (and the boards) down with the chainsaw and got in the room with them, only to be stabbed with a knife that Ariel had found. The person fell on the ground and they succeeded in calling the police, and decided to drop a bunch of stuff on the person to keep him from attacking them. After dropping four drawers, ten shelves, and a heavy desk on him, they sighed in relief and walked away.

Later, they soon decided to have a party due to "defeating" the killer, but when Natalie went to open up the wine cabinet, a window is heard smashed and two arms grab Natalie. She turns around and screams in shock that it's the figure. He pulls out a chainsaw and manages to slit her throat with it killing her. They panicked and ran away to a nearby farm where they grabbed a metal pole and tried to stab the killer with it. It managed to hit him in the chest, but the person managed to clutch the stab wound and control the bleeding flow, until it was minimum, and he attacked Leni. Zoe, in shock, managed to distract the figure by stabbing it in the back, and the person, angry, attacked her with the chainsaw and killed her by slashing her to death with it. Leni was sad about her friend Zoe's death, but Ariel grabbed her and told her they had to run.

As they ran upstairs to the second floor of the barn, the person started to attack Robby in the corner of the barn and managed to cut his head off with the chainsaw. Janet was heard screaming, which unknowingly attracted the person, and thinking quickly, grabbed a pitchfork nearby and pinned her to the wall with it, causing her to bleed. She was then sliced in half by the chainsaw with the pitchfork holding her in place, and the pitchfork and both now divided body parts of Janet fell to the ground. Ariel grabbed some gasoline and spilled it on the figure and threw a match at it, setting the person on fire. Leni pushed him with a shovel off the barn and he fell into tractor harrows, impaling him. Ariel turned the machine on the tractor harrows ripped him open killing the killer. However, his severed head fell off the body and it was shown that the killer in the whole film was Sam Hewitt, Leatherface's long lost brother. However, Ariel and Leni were happy that they were safe and finally defeated the killer, and when the police come, they get in the police car and driven away, ending the film.


Cody Longo as Ariel Parker/The protagonist of the film and Leni's boyfriend.

Emma Bell as Leni Van Stuart/Ariel's girlfriend and one of the friends that are observing the house of Leatherface.

Jacqueline MacInne Woods as Zoe Griffins/Leni's friend and one of the friends that are observing the house of Leatherface.

Emma Roberts as Janet Shapiro/Robby's girlfriend and one of the friends that are observing the house of Leatherface.

Alex Pettyfer as Robby Gillenson/Janet's boyfriend and one of the friends that are observing the house of Leatherface.

Johnny Simmons as Vincent Frank/Natalie's boyfriend and one of the friends that are observing the house of Leatherface.

Jensen Ackles as Tommy Johnson/Sadie's brother and one of the friends that are observing the house of Leatherface.

Briana Evigan as Sadie Johnson/Bart's girlfriend and one of the friends that are observing the house of Leatherface.

Emily Browning as Natalie Ravens/Vincent's girlfriend and one of the friends that are observing the house of Leatherface.

Danielle Panabaker as Sally Rodriguez/Tommy's girlfriend and one of the friends that are observing the house of Leatherface.

Nico Tortorella as Bart Williams/Sadie's boyfriend and one of the friends that are observing the house of Leatherface.

Matthew Lillard as Sam Hewitt/Thomas' brother and the main antagonist.


Bart- Face slashed by a chainsaw (Offscreen).

Sadie- Impaled by a chainsaw.

Vincent- Impaled in the skull with a crowbar.

Sally- Beaten to death painfully with a sledgehammer.

Tommy- Shot in the back of the head by Ariel (Accident).

Natalie- Throat slit with chainsaw.

Zoe- Slashed to death with chainsaw.

Robby- Decapitated by chainsaw.

Janet- Stabbed against a wall with a pitchfork and cut in half by a chainsaw.

Sam Hewitt- Stabbed by Ariel, many items dropped on him, stabbed in chest with a metal pole, stabbed in back by Zoe, set on fire, pushed with shovel out of second floor barn, impaled on tractor harrows and body ripped open by tractor harrows.


Ariel, and Leni.

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