"Thank the Bank"

Nick and Jerrick








September 23, 2011

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Featuring: Nick & Jerrick

Also Featuring: Sophie Prescott, Chief Howard, Matt Baker, Kat Baker, The Annoying Mime, The Crip Cousins, Donato Tagliano, Ralph Romano, Alphonse Liviana, Grazia Tagliano, Kurt Twombly, Ruth Dafella, Barnabé Ricard, Marthe Ricard, Anne-Elisabeth Ricard, Judge Lewis


The episode begins with Nick, Jerrick and the other residents of Rose Beach, Florida standing in line at the Rose Beach City Bank (the only bank in town) to cash in their checks from the citywide pay day. The Crip Cousins and the members of the Rose Beach Mafia are at the bank and are planning to rob it. When the two factions find out that the other is planning to rob the bank they get into an argument. While everyone else is waiting in line to get their money, a black SUV pulls up outside the bank. Four gunmen then hop out of the SUV and head into the bank and proceed to rob it.

Everyone within the bank is forced to the floor and Sophie Prescott attempts to plead with the gunmen to stop the robbery. The gunmen tell Sophie to be quiet or they will shoot Matt and Kat (who were at the bank to cash in Matt's father's check). Sophie hushes up and the robbery continues. Nick and Jerrick then attempt to devise a plan but are both pistol whipped by the robbers when they are heard.

Chief Howard soon arrives at the bank armed with only a pistol. When Chief Howard looks inside the bank to see the gunmen (who are armed with assualt rifles), Chief Howard then turns and runs away. The gunmen then see Chief Howard and shoot at him through the windows of the bank. Chief Howard hops inside of his police car. A storm of bullets then collide with Chief Howard's police car. After the shooting is over, Chief Howard's police car is covered with bullets. Thanks to a bullet proof vest Chief Howard escaped the shooting unharmed (but was hit in the chest over 20 times).

The robbery of the bank continues and the Annoying Mime appears for the first time. The bank robbers are dazzled by the Annoying Mime which gives everyone in the bank a chance to overthrow them. Nick and Jerrick pounce on the unsuspecting gunmen and everyone else within the bank follows their lead. While everyone else is handling the gunmen, Barnabé and the rest of the Ricard family rob the bank and leave before anyone notices.

The robbers are then captured and taken to court where Judge Lewis sentences them to life in prision plus an extra six hundred years. The episode ends with Chief Howard hiding under his bed, crying.


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