That's So Cliche is the debut album from American hardcore punk band Kink++, released on July 10th 2004. It is followed by 2006's Never In A Million Years.


Kink++'s debut was generally well recieved. Critics said that "The band takes life problems and creates them into either high-voltage punk anthems or quite sad melodies. The band is unique in sound and ideas, a great debut from a band to watch".


  1. "Find Me" - 3:00
  2. "That's So Cliche" - 2:55
  3. "Hellraiser" - 3:00
  4. "Yes That's Me" - 2:30
  5. "You Can't Give Me What I Want" - 3:48
  6. "Beggars In The Street" - 2:38
  7. "Bring It Down (A Notch)" - 4:20
  8. "And You Call This Love?" - 3:05
  9. "I Could've Loved You, But I Did'nt" - 3:29
  10. "Everything That Ever Mattered" - 4:28
  11. "Never Again" - 3:44

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