The Amazing World Of Gumball is an upcoming 2012 Video Game based on the Television Show of the same name. The Game is being developed by Twisted Pixel Studios.

Story ModeEdit

Level 1: The Gi

Boss: Jamie

Attacks: Punch

Jump Kick

Level 2: The Car

Boss: Gaylord Robinson

Attacks: Angry Yell

Golf Club Swipe

Level 3: The Storm

Boss: Masami

Attacks: Tornado Spin

Lightining Bolt

Level 4: The Apology

Boss: Miss Simian

Attacks: Punch


Level 5: The Words

Boss: Darwin

Attacks: Bubble Shot

Splash Down

Insult Hadouken

Level 6: The Limit

Boss: Nicole

Attacks: Claw Swipe


Karate Chop

Level 7: The Job

Boss: Richard

Attacks: Punch

Warp Blast

Level 8: The Colossus

Boss: Hector

Attacks: Fist Pound

Sludge Ball

Level 9: The Flower

Boss: Jealousy

Attacks: Charge

Possession Wave

Level 10: The Knights

Boss: Tobias

Attacks: Stick Slash


Level 11: The Spoon

Boss: Sal Left Thumb

Attacks: Spoon Slash

Cuckoo Clock Toss

Level 12: The Phone

Boss: Ocho

Attack: Zap Attack

Level 13: The Bet

Boss: Bobert

Attacks: Eyebeam

Scramble Missiles

Charged Blast

Level 14: The Picnic

Boss: Moose-Like Creature

Attacks: Lunge

Claw Swipe

Level 15: The Skull

Boss: Razor

Attacks: Punch

Fist Pound

Level 16: The Dream

Boss: Penny

Attacks: Sonic Scream

Cheerleading Kick

Level 17: The Rex

Boss: Tina Rex

Attacks: Charge


Level 18: The Helmet

Boss: Gumball

Attacks: Claw Slash

Insult Hadouken

Level 19: The Microwave

Boss: Kenneth

Attacks: Sludge Ball


Level 20: The Finale

Boss: Dolly

Attacks: Punch

Brain Freeze

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