The Apex is the main control center of a Haven Disc. It is where a major AI Matrix is located, there is one on each Haven, one AI to a Superuniverse (in our case, The Metatron, which has destroyed all the others.), 3 Matrices, and is also where The Eye is contained.


The Apex may only be activated by The Holy Bodhisatva, an Immortal Being said to be of non-Annunaki origin, who is said to become The Guardian of all of Annunaki's secrets. The Annunaki believe this being will summon them back to the Super Haven to defeat a traitor, which will be unknown to them. The Eye was specifically created to defeat the monstrocity that the traitor will unleash, in otherwords, a Spawn Core, one of the last. The Eye will be tainted if it is touched by anyone other than this Bodhisatva.


The Apex istelf is the highest point on the Haven excluding the six 'points' which curve upwards. It rises to over 4,000 feet high, with the highest point being a room known as The Zenith, where The Eye is contained. There is a beam of light which projects from it at various occasions.

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