The Assasin's School is an cross over between friends and assassin's creed.The friends are selected to go to the assassin's school called "Bluestone".When an teacher disapears the friends meet an shocking secret about Adam and Eve.

One Packing

Ross Geller helped his sister pack his bags.They were going to "Bluestone',As their parents wanted them to follow in their footsteps as an assassin."Mon,What are you doing",Asked an annoyed Ross."Just eating",Monica was eating an marsbar,Which was meant for Ross to eat in the train."Is Rach coming",Ross asked.He knew that Rachel's father was an assassin,But if one of their parents are not,They sometimes can't go.

"Yeah",Monica threw the marsbar in the bin and carried on packing.Just then,They saw their mother,Judy,Coming in."Car's ready",Judy smiled.Ross was in second year and Monica was in first year."You are going to be okay",Judy hugged Monica.Usually,She would be picking on her without relising it.But when things were good,She always never picked on her.

Meanwhile,Rachel Green was walking downstairs with an heavy suitcase."Dad,When is Mrs.Geller coming to pick us up",She moaned.It was bad enough that she would have to sit next to an needy Jill,But that Judy was late."In half an hour",Leonard beamed at his daughter.He whished for an son,But got three girls,But though of Rachel as the female assassin type.Amy was also in "Bluestone",But Jill was not going.

They both heard an car parking outside."They are early",Rachel whispered to Leoanrd as Ross and Judy stepped out."Monica",Rachel dropped her suitcase and the two friends ran to each other and hugged.It was an month since they last saw each other."This is so great",Monica cried out in happiness.

Joey Tribbiani walked up to the train.He was nervous,All of his sisters were assassin's and even the younger ones.But now he was.Joey slowly walked inside with suitcase behind him.He saw an young girl his age getting pushed around."Look at the homeless chick",One of the boys shouted."Yeah",One spat on her face.After that,The girl started crying.Joey walked up to her and grabbed her away from them.

"What are you doing",Joey demanded at the boys."He is so dead",One of them said as he walked away."I know",One of them told the other."Are you okay",Joey asked the girl."Yeah,I'm Phoebe",She ran off befour Joey could tell her more.She must be shy.

Chandler Bing waited on his "Taxi",To pick him up.Just then,An car pulled up and there came Ross,Rachel,Monica and Judy all out.Rachel's sisters stayed in the car,Focusing on make up and such."Hey man",Ross and Chandler hugged as Judy took Chandler's suitcase.They all got in the car,All stuck together as Judy drived off.

Two Train

Ross and Chandler decided to share an carriage with Rachel and Monica.To get to "Bluestone",It would take an whole week."I'm calling daddy to tell him i'm on the train",Rachel told the others as she was dialing his number.Monica looked out sadly in the window.She was going to "Bluestone".She never wanted to be an assassin.She wanted to be an owner of her own shop.

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