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The August Catastrophe
Conflict: War in Afghanistan
Objective: Squadron of American soldiers sent to investigate strange OPFOR activity.
Date: August 5th, 2013
Place: Remote area in Afghanistan
Outcome: American soldiers and 5,000 OPFOR soldiers killed in nuclear blast.

United States of America


Involved persons

Corporal Thomas Hatchett



7 American soldiers

5,000 OPFOR soldiers

The August Catastrophe was a tragic event that occured on August 5th, 2013 during the final months of the War in Afghanistan. The event was a nuclear bomb which destroyed an entire OPFOR base including a remote town several miles away. This event led to the construction of Echo Four, as it was feared that the OPFOR were preparing for nuclear warfare.


Between 7:56 and 8:12 PM, a squadron of American soldiers was extracted from Libya, Egypt to investigate reports of odd OPFOR activity in an uncharted location in the middle of the Afghan desert. As the squadron closed in, they were given new orders: find a terrorist under the name Abd-al-Samir and capture him. However, as the soldiers got inside the base, they discovered that Samir was long gone and that he was about to activate a nuclear device, saying that he "required test subjects" worthy of his newest creation, so he detonated the bomb, destroying the entire base including the American and OPFOR soldiers. The blast also destroyed a remote town about 5 miles away. This sparked fear back in the United States that Afghanistan was planning on using nuclear deterrents, which led the CIA to build a secret task force named Echo Four that would infiltrate Afghanistan to find and kill Abd-al-Samir. Later in the month, the disaster was dubbed "The August Catastrophe".


  • This is the first nuclear explosion to cause incredible amounts of damage and casualties since the Chernobyl Disaster.

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