Second Mission of TA 3






  • You begin with nothing but your trust EMP Gloves. Follow the Strikers up the staircase to an ops room, where several more Strikers have arrived via an adjacent hallway (you cannot go into this hallway). They will converse about 'the new bad guys', another greenhorn will talk about how he's never seen one, and then another says 'i guess you're about to find out, get ready here they come!'. After this the door will blow open and they will open fire.
  • No matter the difficulty, this opening battle always consists of 5 Scamps, and a single Fiend which will hide behind the doorway. You can easily let the Strikers wipe out the pathetic Scamps and run in and combat the Fiend, he'll go down easily, 2 Melee attacks. In this other room will be a Pistol and an Assault Rifle. Pick up the Assault Rifle and go to town on the enemies arriving out of the door up the ramp. You will come to a staircase overlooking a large drop-off, down below we see a Rhino coming through the gate and getting torn to shreds by a large Fiend carrying an odd turret.
  • Once on the bridge you will be fought by Fiends and Scamps. Take them out with a well placed grenade and cross the bridge. In the next room you will face your first Grendel Pawns. Their shields can take massive amounts of damage from weapons like your Assault Rifle so switch to your EMP Gloves and knock the **** out of them, one melee should do it. After killing them proceed down the ramp and take out the Scamps and Fiends and exit through the door ahead of you. A Rhino will be waiting for you. Hop on the Gun and take out the Slashers.

Crash Course

  • There will be several more to your right as you exit the base and 3 on your left. When you get to the side ramp going up the side of the beach, hop off and kill the Scamp Warlord and take his Shock Bow. Use this bow to snipe the Fiend assault convoy attempting to storm the base. Once all of them are dead, the mission will end with a cutscene.

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