Harry Potter. The Wizarding War is under attack. See how the battle begins as Harry and Ron search for missing Queen Hermione. Harry/Ginny Ron/Hermione


Hermione Krum hated her life. She was forced into marriage all because of her stupid muggle mother. Her mother would rather force her daughter into marriage than die.

She looked at the mirror, tears in eyes. She had been raped by Victor Krum, as she won't put out. She was going to run away.

Hermione turned around and saw an open window. She turned around to make sure Krum or his sister Janet weren't looking.

Hermione was proud that she was in an cottage other than Krum Manor, of she would fall to her death. Hermione made an run to the woods.

She was passing branches, making sure not to trip. She did and hurt her knee, which was bleeding. Hermione made an cry.

She heard an twig snapping. She looked up, and saw an dark shawdow on the floor. She looked up and screamed.

Someone in an dark cloak was looking at her. Hermione tried to scream but no words came out. She was stunned and found herself get carried away.

Near Kiss and Mission's

Ginny Weasley looked at her diary and sighed. She was in Weasley Manor, the family came rich when they done an mission for Albus Dumbledore.

That was when she was involved with Harry Potter, the saviour of the wizarding world. Lord Voldermort killed his father and tortured his mother.

He then tried to kill Harry, but the spell hit Voldermort instead, killing him. Or so they thought. Ginny and the twins overheard that he may still be alive.

An knock on the door was heard. Ginny put her diary under her bed and opened the door. There was Harry Potter, smiling.

Their mission was to find an prophercy, and they were ambused by death eaters. Harry and Ginny were separated by the others.

Harry and Ginny manged to hide until they were attacked by brains. Harry fell on top of Ginny and the two kissed, oblivous of the chaos.

It wasn't until they heard footsteps they broke apart and managed to escape from the flesh eating brains.

"Hey you", Ginny whispered. "Hey you". Harry and Ginny embraced and were about to kiss when they heard footsteps.

The door opened and Ron came in. "Hey mate", Ron greeted Harry. Harry nodded. "Dumbledore wants to see us", Ron said and Harry followed him.

Ginny looked rejected, and sat on the bed.

"Harry, Ron we have another mission", the old wizard greeted them. Harry frowned. He was starting to get irrated by this old man.

"What is it", Harry asked. Dumbeldore's eyes lost it's twinkle. "We have bad news. Queen Krum has been kidnapped", Harry and Ron looked shock.

"I thought the cottage was under the secret charm", Ron whispered. "It apears that Krum went out for an walk, or for the footprints, a run".

"Why would she run", Harry asked. "Because Victor Krum admitted he raped her, and he killed his sister and then himself", Harry and Ron looked flabergasted.

"Anyway, there is an letter", Albus gave Harry the letter, and he and Ron read it.


"That cow", Harry muttered. "You can start the journy tonight", Albus told Harry and Ron.

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