The Battle Of The Joker is a short lived tv series, featuring the lovable clown prince of crime, Joker. The series is about the several failed attempts to kill Batman made by the Joker. The show only ran 1 Season, as it got poor reception from Batman fans, and critics. It began airing shortly after Batman Beyond stopped airing, (Mar 8th 2009) and was cancelled April 12th, 2009. The episodes are very rare, and are now a collecters item. The episodes, as well as a description of the episodes, are listed below.

Episode 1: Pilot: The pilot episode begins with a very angry Joker coming home, realizing that he fails everytime. He now knows that in order to defeat Batman, he must first break him down, piece by piece. (Note: The pilot episode was only 5 minutes long, and aired as a part of Cartoon Network's Summer Preview Line-Up)

Episode 2: Chasing Robin: The Joker comes to the conclusion that he needs to start by hurting the people Batman loves. He knows that Robin is very close to him, so he hatches a plan to kill him, that ends in Robin being kidnapped. (Note: This is the first appereance of Robin in the show. As of this point, Bat-Man has still not been seen.)

Episode 3: Batman's Rage: This episode marks the first appereance of Batman. He goes looking for Robin and his kidnappers, but loses the trail. He becomes very rageful, and goes on a killing spree.

Episode 4: Be Happy! Part One: The first in a 3 part triology, Batman comes to the conclusion that Joker is the one who kidnapped Robin. He goes after him, but ends up being trapped in the Happy Howard's Theme Park. He must come out alive. Meanwhile, The Joker goes after Bat-Girl.

Episode 6: Be Happy! Part 2: This episode features Bat-Man realizng that he must choose who will live, Robin, or Bat-Girl. The Joker is being chased by the Gotham P.D.

Episode 6 ended up being the final episode. Warner Brothers Studios had created 3 other episodes, all of which are thought to be myths. To this day, there was only 1 real release of the show. The first season was released, with only 100 copies made.

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