"The Beginning"

Kamen Rider Heroes






Seiji Mizushima


Kagami Yamato

Production No.



18 March 2012

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Act of a Heroes ( Episode )

Episode 1

Kanji Title - ザ ビギニング

English Title - The Beginning

Original Air Date - 18 March 2012

Anime - Kamen Rider Heroes Season 1


The Humans were attacked by Shocker in recent years the Humanity try to fought back but only fail. The Police try their best also only the Shocker managed to overpowered them. A Young man with his Boss saving a boy who had been trapped by them as they about to escaped, The Young man's boss was killed by their Combatant he unable to fight only to watch his boss kill in the Hand of Shocker.

It is 2012 and in the World of W in the Futo City people lived peacefully until a squadron of Masquerade Dopants appeared attacking random civillians until a man with a G3 suit appeared and defeating them one by one. After fighting the Masquerade Dopants he removed his helmets until a little girl asked his name he answered his name is Shotaro Hidari and he walked away.

On his way back to F.C.P.D, he watch a Father and a Son remind him of his Boss who had died about a few years ago. As he back to the F.C.P.D, one of the Officer as him did he finished his mission he said he done it then Shocker appeared on the TV News and not only that they also appeared on all Screen they telling all people they were about to conquere the World. Shotaro done the G3 Suit once again as he about to Challenge Magma Dopants.

On the City, a Dopant name Magma Dopant attacking several civillians until Shotaro arrived to stop him and Magma Dopants yell as he won't stop. Shotaro Demands to Him but he still won't stop Shotaro were forced to fight him.


  • Kamen Rider G3 Vs Masquerade Dopants (5x)


  • Narrator: "The World has been attacked by Shocker in recent years the Humans try to fought back but only to fail and also the Police Does. A Young man with his boss on a mission to save a Mysterious person from Shocker's Traps as they about to escaped, The Young man boss was killed by the Combatant and he unable to fight only to watch his boss killed by Shocker."
  • Narrator: "It is 2012 In The World of W in the Futo City people live peacefully until......"
  • Masquerade Dopants: "Attack them all !!!!!!!!!!!"

"A Man in G3 Suit appeared"

  • ????: "I told you to surrender"
  • Masquerade Dopants: "We won't surrender GET LOST NOW !!!!!!"
  • ????: "You forced me to fight you ( take out GM-01 Scorpion )"

​ "Sound of Firing Guns"

  • ????: "Done Already too quick "
  • Girl: "Can i asked you who's your name ?"
  • ????: "My name ?"
  • Girl: "Yes ! ( with smiling faces )"
  • ????: "My Name Is Shotaro Hidari"
  • Girl: "Thank you for saving me"
  • Shotaro: "No Problem that's a Police Jobs (ride on Guard Chaser) and ok see you around (walk away)"

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