Harry Potter. Harry's brother is the boy who lived. Harry becomes friends with Ginny, and both are rather brave, intelligent, ambitious and loyal. Harry/Ginny Goes through Years One to Four

Chapter One

Lily Rose Potter screamed in agony as she gave birth to her second child. Harry James Potter was the other baby she had given birth to her.

"Just one more push Lily flower", James Harry Potter reasured her. "I can't do it James", she cried. "Yes you can, think of the fame when this baby kills Voldermort", James whispered.

"Okay", and with one more push, Brian Neil Potter was born. "Brian is going to kill Voldermort", Lily whispered. They had been given a prophecy when Lily was six month pregnant.

"Please sit down", Albus Dumbledore commanded. James and Lily sat down. They wondered where Frank Ian Longbottom and his wife Alice Sarah Longbottom was.

Just then, the door opened. Frank and Alice smiled. "Sorry we were late", Frank said. "Amelia Bones showed us her neice", Alice said.

"Anyway, i have something to tell you. It is about your children", Albus said.

"Not my twins", and "Not my Neville", rang throughout the room. "What about them", James asked. "There was a prophecy given by Sybill Trelawney".

"Sybill is a fake", Frank declared. "She wanted to go on a date with me while me and Alice were dating. I said no, and she told me that i would never get maried or have a child".

"Let me assure you, Frank, this one was quite real", Albus said. "Why are our children involved anyway", Lily asked. "Ahh, Let me show you. I have memorised all the words. This was real, by the way", Albus said when he saw Frank and James about to object.

"The one with the power to vanquish the-dark lord aproaches... born to those who who have thriced defied him, born as the seventh month dies... and the dark lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have the power the dark lord knows not... and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives... the one with the power to vanquish the dark lord will be born as the seventh month dies".

Lily bursted into tears, as did Alice. "However, People. A spy was heard overhearing the prophecy, but was throwen out after the first seventh month dies.

Lily, as your second child will be born nearer the end of the month".

At first both were shocked. However, James had told Lily they would become rich and famous the moment their second child will destroy Voldermort.

Halloween, 1981

James and Lily Potter were to busy playing with baby Brian than baby Harry, who was upstairs playing with his teddy. The teddy Remus bought for him.

The only person that cared for Harry was Remus, his godfather.

An hour later, the gate at the front exploded. "James", Lily gasped as she picked up Brian. "Run, get out of here. Forget about Harry", James shouted.

Lily obeyed, and she tried to floo over to Siruis's house. "The floo is blocked", she screamed. "Wormtail", James shouted furiously. Wormtail had betrayed them, and then used up the last of the floo powder.

The door blasted open, and Lily ran upstairs with Brian. James went face to face with Voldermort. "Come on, you bastard", James shouted.

"Bastard i am, James", he remarked coldly. "Crucio", and James shreiked in pain as he fell backwards. James was knocked unconscious.

Lily heard her husband scream in pain. She opened the closet, and put Brian in. She decided to flee, and will return to Brian later.

However, before she could run away, Voldermort came, and smirked as he saw her frightened face. "You killed James, you bastard", she screamed.

"Imperio", and Lily walked downstairs, under the curse. She walked over to a butcher knife, and stabbed herself in the gut.

Voldermort bursted into the room, and saw baby Harry. "You know, you look as if i could raise you as a servant", he muttered. He turned to the closet.

He opened the door, and saw baby Brian looking at him in confusion and in awe. "Avada Kedarva". However, something happened.

Harry's cot blasted open, and Harry fell down as the cot flew up between Voldermort and Brian. The killing curse went both ways. One to Brian, the other to Voldermort.

Voldermort screamed in pain and he disapeared, leaving his cloak behind. Brian, on the other hand, was sobbing. He had a scar shaped like a lighting bolt on his forehead.

Aftermath of Halloween

"Brian is the boy who lived", Albus declared to the Order of the Phoneix. James and Lily were beaming. "Where's Harry", Alice asked.

"Oh he is upstairs. Remus is looking after him", Lily said as she played with baby Brian. "So what about the death eaters", Mad Eye Moody said.

"We will get them rounded up. They might take dangerous atempts to kill Brian to make the return of Voldermort, or still go after Neville".

Alice sobbed. "No, they can't. He's dead. He who must not be named is dead", she cried. Molly sighed as she gave Alice a hug.

Two Months Later.

Frank and Alice were kissing when they heard a pop outside. Two more pops were heard. "Alice, there here. Get Neville and run", Frank yelled.

The door blasted open, and Bellatrix, her husband Rodolphus and his brother Rabastan Lestrange bursted into the manor.

"Crucio", Bellatrix yelled. Another pop was heard, and Barty Crouch Junior apeared. Frank screamed in pain. "Bella, Rodolphus, get Alice and the prat", Crouch asked.

"What has happened to the dark lord", Rabastan shouted as he tortured Frank. "Pleeeaseee", he begged. "Avada Kedarva", Rabastan said. "Why did you do that", Crouch shouted.

"Avada Kedarva", Crouch used the killing curse on Rabastan.

Alice was upstairs, and she heard Bellatrix laugh. She remembered getting tortured by the mad woman before James and Frank rescued her.

She picked up Neville and turned around as the door blasted open. "Crucio", Bellatrix smiled as Alice and Neville fell down, the former screaming in pain.

"Kill the boy", Bellatrix yelled. Rodolphus turned his wand to Neville. Still under pain, Alice did her best and bit Lestange in the knee. "OW", He yelled.

"You stupid man", she screamed at her husband. Alice quickly grabbed the wand Lestrange dropped. "Stupefy", Alice screamed. Bellatirx had not expected of this, and fell down, stunned.

She turned to Rodolphus who was still screaming in pain. "Stupefy", and he fell down. She picked up Neville and walked down the stairs.

She saw Crouch laughing at her husband and Rabastan. "Avada Kedavra", She whispered, and Crouch fell to the ground, dead. She bursted into tears and fell down, still clutching Neville.

Four Years Later

Harry James Potter was

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