The Big Valley is the title to an upcoming film based on the television series of the same name.


  • Glenn Close as Victoria Barkley: The wife of Tom Barkley who has now inherited the Barkley Fortune and ranch. She loves all her children, and accepts and loves Heath when he comes.
  • Julian McMahon as Jarrod Barkley: The calm lawyer brother who has helped his mother take care of his little siblings. Tom always looked down on Jarrod because of how he was more interested in books and law then running the ranch. Jarrod always strove for his acceptance.
  • Tom Jane as Nick Barkley: The second eldest child of Tom and Victoria Barkley. He is the hothead, and runs the ranch.
  • Brad Pitt as Heath: The child of Tom Barkley and Heath's mother Rachel, when Tom was down there looking for his fortune in mining. After Tom's death, Heath goes to stockton in order to attend his funeral, and the truth is revealed.
  • Kristen Bell as Audra Barkley: The daughter of Tom and Victoria Barkley.
  • Shia LaBeouf as Eugene Barkley: The youngest child of Tom and Victoria who attends medical school, but returns to attend his father's funeral.
  • Morgan Freeman as Silas: The faithful servant to the Barkleys. He offers them wise advice.
  • Harrison Ford as Tom Barkley: Tom Barkley is the wealthiest man in Stockton who dies. Harrison Ford cameos as Tom Barkley.
  • Michael Caine as Doc Robertson: The doctor in Stockton.
  • Zachary Quinto as Evan Miles: A young man who is old friends with Audra. He returns home for the funeral of the old family friend Tom Barkley, and dances with Audra at the reception. After almost raping her the blame is thrown at Audra by Evan's parents, who try to hide the fact that he is emotionally disturbed.
  • John Goodman as Wilbur Miles: Evan's father who tries to hide the fact that his son is emotionally unstable.
  • Annette O'Toole as Martha Miles: The wife of Wilbur Miles, and mother of Evan, who can barely hold back her feelings of fear for her son, especially after he tried to rape Audra.
  • Eric Roberts as John Semple: A railroad tycoon who hires a gang to force the ranchers off their land so he can profit from the railroad. The Barkleys oppose him.
  • Johnny Depp as Billy Joe Gaines: A criminal gang leader that has recently escaped from prison, and brought his gang, which includes Evan Miles, back together, and are hired by John Semple to force the ranchers off their land so he can profit from extending the railroad through the area.
  • Maggie Gyllenhaal as Maybelle Williams: Jarrod's fiancee, and former girlfriend of the notorious criminal Billy Joe Gaines.

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