The Blood Runs Through The Hallowed Halls of Deathliness is the tenth and most recent album from English death metal band Van Helsing, released on June 30th 2010. It is preceded by 2008's Destruction Is The Only Way. The song "Flagellation" received moderate airplay upon its release, and was played first at many of Van Helsing's more recent shows.

Track listing

  1. "Flagellation" - 4:00
  2. "There's So Much Fucking Blood...." - 3:55
  3. "Noxious Suffocation" - 2:50
  4. "Throat Laced With Cyanide" - 6:15
  5. "Melting Pot of Human Corpses" - 4:50
  6. "No Pleasure Without Suffering" - 6:00
  7. "Fuck Her Til' She's Dead, And Don't Stop" - 2:33
  8. "Haemophile" - 4:00
  9. "Necroaneurysm" - 2:44
  10. "C*nt Chainsaw Massacre" - 3:00

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