The Book of Terror is an Friends fanfiction.Phoebe discovers an book in the local library,Which holds some of the darkest legends and myths in the world.Phoebe accidently finds out that their new neighbor is an vampire,And the friends try to survive as they are spooked by him.

One The Library

Phoebe Buffay stared at the book."Oh,Dear",Came the voice from the owner."Yes,Miss Stone",Phoebe brightened up when she heard her voice.It was an long and hard day,After finding out Ross was Rachel's unborn child's father."Since you like dark books,I found one in the park.I washed it",Miss Stone gave her the book.It was called Martha Secret's.

"Thanks",Phoebe gave a smile to her."Your welcome",Miss Stone walked to the counter and started reading her client's list."So",Phoebe then started to read the book."Wow",She smiled in amazement.

Meanwhile,Chandler Bing and his new wife Monica Bing were outside,Enjoying the sunshine."Do you think we would have children"?,Chandler asked."Yeah,I think",Monica gave Chandler an smile."I can't wait for my future",Chandler grinned.He could not believe that Monica was now his wife.

Just then,They saw Ross coming inside and they quickly got up.Chandler opened the window and he let Monica get in first and then himself."What's the matter",Monica asked Ross."The condom factory,But i wish i wouldn't have an other child like this",Ross looked down sadly and Monica hugged her elder brother.

Phoebe fell asleap during reading.She woke up and saw it was only five minutes until the Library closed."Miss Stone,Can i stay for a bit longer",Phoebe asked Miss Stone."Sure",She smiled.Phoebe then started to read the next page.

He betrayed me.I thought he was my boyfriend,My new baby's stepfather.But he betrayed me.He was an vampire.He had killed my baby befour i stopped him.I managed to escape,But he catched up to me.I'm in the cabin,Waiting for rescue

Phoebe could not believe what she was reading.She quickly turned the next page and read some more.On July the fourth,Joni Brown was found dead in the woods.The police had the diary,But they didn't find the killer or the baby's body

"God",Phoebe whispered in shock.How can someone do something like that."I need to get away",Phoebe stuffed the book in her bag and left.When she walked out,It started to rain."Great",Phoebe was still in shock about what happened.She truly believed it.She did.

Phoebe walked up to Monica's apartment and saw Ross and Rachel kissing."Things worked out",Phoebe smiled.Ross and Rachel looked up and turned around."I'm so happy,For you and the baby",Phoebe hugged both of them."Thanks,Pheebs",Rachel smiled.

"Hey,Guess what i learned today",Phoebe explained to them about the vampire story."How do you know it's true",Ross asked her."There is no such things as vampires",Rachel joined in.Even though she would agree,There was no such things as vampires.Right.

"I'm telling you,Well look at the time.Night",Phoebe said her goodbyes and quickly left.She was walking out when she saw an man coming out of his apartment."Are you new",Phoebe asked him."Yeah,I'm Nick",Nick introuduced himself."Phoebe",Phoebe shook hands with him."Night",They both said and they parted.Nick grinned as Phoebe left.

Two The Joey Special

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