Brenton "The Brentster" Jackson is a 15 year old kid with complete power over fire.


The Brentster appeares as a dirty blond haired teen wearing faded blue jeans, black shoes, a black shirt and a red overshirt. He also has blue eyes and wears his hair in spikes.

*Weapons and PowersEdit

The Brentster uses several weapons such as:

  • a katana
  • dual hari kari daggers
  • throwing stars (shuriken)
  • kanai knives
  • a grapling hook/zipline
  • nunchucks

He also posseses complete power over fire, including:

  • shooting fireballs from his hands
  • fireproofing anything he wants
  • turning his body into fire
  • channeling fire through his weapons
  • summoning magma from the earth's center
  • breathing fire



Brenton usually has a determined additude. He is very protective of those he cares about. He is somewhat of a geek, mostly because he would

rather watch Star Trek than play sports.


When Brenton was five he and his friends, Carly and Parker, were playing in the woods, when they found thee mysterous stones. The Brentster touched the red one (pyroite) and got complete power over fire. Ten years later, demons started to attack the town were he lived. He and his friends started to fight the menace. During the first part of his spring break, he had (for the moment) defeated the demon leader.



note: these events never happened to the Brentster

Kingdom HeartsEdit

When the heartless began invading his world, his sword recreated itself and became a keyblade, making him a keyblade bearer.

After escaping his world, he ened up in Hollow Bastion, with his friends Carly, Parker, Visaroth, K, Darren and Mike, they got the info on what the heartless are.

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